Gaijinworks Trying To Get Other Abandoned PSP RPGs, Could Port Summon Night 5 To PC

Summon Night 5 and Class of Heroes 3 are scheduled to come out in the North America later this year care of Gaijinworks. On the company’s forums, founder Vic Ireland talked more about his plans both PSP releases.

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RmanX1000999d ago

Persona 2 EP would be tight. I hope Atlus and Gaijinworks could work on something to get that into the states.

greenmiker999d ago

It was a very good start the two games that announced yesterday. I wish to have nice sales in the west..

freshslicepizza999d ago

more ports to the pc is always welcomed

Lasombra999d ago

From Lunar and Arc the Lad with Working Designs to Class of Heroes with GaijinWorks. I'm hoping he is able to get the rights to localized games more in the former category than the latter in the future.

KryptoniteTail998d ago

PC? Get them to Vita with Trophies instead.