Deus Ex Dev Fires Shots At Activision & Treyarch After Black Ops III "Ember" Trailer

After Activision and Treyarch released the new Black Ops III teaser trailer, Deus Ex Developer Eidos Montreal and its exective art director fired some shots at the publisher and developer for using the same setting.

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rdgneoz31154d ago

So, COD: Human Revolution or Dues Ex: Black Ops III?

KyRo1154d ago

As much as I love the Deus Ex games, I think them firing shots at Treyarch is ridiculous because of a similar story idea. The idea of humans becoming more than human with the help of tech has been around for decades.

morganfell1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Maybe Shirow Masamune should fire shots at Edios Montreal. Pot meet kettle.

fayz1154d ago

exactly i mean if anything they all copied from Terminator or Robocop lol

Angels37851154d ago


It was think some people will play this and not Deus Ex

Xavior_Reigns1154d ago

Deus Ex has always been quality (okay so Deus Ex 2 was a bit off but I still enjoyed it) and COD... well it was good. Guess we'll see soon if it's just as many believe - another copy and paste job, with yet another slightly enhanced version of the same old engine.

Rimgal1154d ago

Yeah I hate when people like different games than me too. /s

HeavenlySnipes1154d ago


As if Deus Ex created that plot skeleton of humans with robot parts

Terminator says hello

Sevir1154d ago

You all need to stop reading the title and actually take in the article on its entirety. It's not even shots, it's friendly banter amongst the development community. The devs are simply highlight ing that both their products as different as they are from a genre standpoint share a similar plot and time line.

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VER1ON1154d ago

Wonder if there is more to the cat shot than we think . The similarities are obvious, although the final game will differ I guess.

DarthSocio1154d ago

Activision milked the COD series so much they're running out of ideas

joab7771154d ago

Exactly. They really have no where else to go. Now that theres exo suits...and BO2 pushed into the future.

BO4 will be on another planet with aliens...and a flashback to 2250.

3 yr cycles are good unless you have committed to an idea that you can't back away from.

I say reboot CoD. Go back to what made it great in the first place and build on that. Make a Moder day military shooter, but refine it in every way you can. Focus on making gameplay better instead of crazier and different.

At least there's zombies.

NovusTerminus1154d ago

Deus Ex didn't create the idea of augmented humans...

NarooN1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

This. As much as I've shat on CoD since 2008, Deus Ex isn't the originator of augmentations done on humans, nor many other cyberpunk and dystopian tropes featured in the game. The whole "future warfare" and "evil corporation" thing was done a billion times in the 90's alone. Hell, that sort of thing was literally the 90's version of the "modern warfare in the middle east/somewhere in Eastern Europe killing evil brown dudes and evil russians" cliche that plagued the 2000's so much.

Plus the tweets from the Deus Ex guys are pretty stupid. They imply that Treyarch copied off of Deus Ex (when Deus Ex itself isn't that original) when Treyarch's game has been in development for basically over 3 years by now. It's not as if Treyarch saw the Deus Ex trailer, then scrapped everything they had already done to make a cyberpunk-esque game or setting. That's ludicrous.

Lamboomington1154d ago

Its fine lol, it's just a few snarky tweets at most.

It's not like they're being hostile or anything. A bit of fun the way I see it.

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