Steam Workshop paid mod backlash begins: should modders be compensated?

Skyrim modders can now make cash from their creations, but not everyone is happy about it. IncGamers looks at the problems that could arise and the community response.

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RalphBlutawn1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

Mods are becoming like paid DLC now. Such a shame.
These modders were making mods to demonstrate there creative talents and ideas. There was a since of real passion and dedication to the source game with some of them. Now everyone is going to flood the workshop with crappy mods in hopes of making a quick buck. Such a shame.

001005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

the worst part is modders are not obligated to fix there stuff nor give back refunds, I don't expect this to take of when so many mods use stuff from other mods.

GreetingsfromCanada1005d ago

There's a 24-hour refund period

freshslicepizza1004d ago

when you include money not much good can come about. we already seen the mess that occurred with diablo iii once they implemented the marketplace.

i like the idea of rewarding modders but this is going to be a severe case of trial and error.

Fireseed1005d ago

Then don't buy a crappy mod? I'm sorry but once again like most other DLCs you are not obligated to buy it. If it looks like crap, then it probably is.

001005d ago

have you actually used mods? cause sometimes there are compatibility issues especially when multiple mods start being added. so you would pretty much be wasting money either way

Fireseed1005d ago

I have a solid 79 mods installed on skyrim as well as I'm authoring a few weapon packs myself. So yes. I'm familiar with mods.

But no it's in my best interest as a modder to make sure the customer support is good. If my mod for some reason doesn't work with Better Water... well then I can kiss a good 99% of the market goodbye. It's on me to make a product people actually want to buy.

badz1491005d ago

all hail the PC MASTER RACE! oh no...DLC? now paid mods?? NOO....


IrishSt0ner1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

This is on Steam, for one game. I can still download every mod for every game ever released for free from the past 20 years... nooooooooo LMAO salty boy

OT: I see nothing wrong with this, some poeple can get paid if they wish (can even give them the ability to do their passion full time) while many will continue to give their content out freely. These things can coexist. Open platform means open.

badz1491004d ago

I'm salty? Why? It needs to start somewhere and if this is a success, you can bet your master race ass every other games after this will follow suit.

WilliamUsher1005d ago

It's a tricky situation because a lot of mods ARE better than paid DLC. It's very rare to come across DLC as good as some of the total conversion mods out there (just check Skyrim, Fallout or GTA IV for examples).

However, compensating modders for their content creates all sorts of copyright issues (as evidenced with the early goings of paid mods for Skyrim) and it could ruin the creative modding landscape in place of a capitalistic landscape where mods will be designed to take the place of DLC.

I wish there was a way for modders to be compensated without it turning into greed factory.

OokuChicken1005d ago

I'd say that there is. A donate button would alleviate the issue.

joab7771005d ago

Exactly. I'm not against paying for them, but there needs to be (and may be) an eBay style rating that's legit. This way you know what the best are.

And, now you will just have to be smart about it.

It will most likely pan out fine, as many modders will rise above others. Eventually, you will have to work your way up without making much before you actually do.

Somebody1005d ago

It seems that Valve is extending their experience monetizing mods from their MOBA games and Team Fortress 2. It's bound to happen sooner or later.

The real question now is whether Valve will be able to provide sufficient control to avoid all the potential pitfalls of exposing this system to rest of the Steam games out there. At the moment they seem to be cherry-picking which game dev/publisher to use this paid mod scheme instead opening the floodgate to everyone out there(remember what happened when Valve allowed devs to discount their games anytime they want?) while the curators system and user reviews they introduced last year could be a powerful tool in the long run.

Valve could enforce the paid mod system onto big game devs that need constant content like what they are doing with MOBA devs and TF2 while a donate button for smaller ones.

001005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

if you actually read the details moders gets 25% of revenue after you make a certain amount of money otherwise valve keeps it all and other messed up stuff.

steam and valve area a good example of why competition is needed I hope GOG can take them to task.

Erik73571005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

I think Xbox live will compete with them, they are slowing moving the service over to PC. They need to make it's online gaming free though to compete with steam but they will probably still have their "Gold" service.

SniperControl1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

Your having a laugh right?

MS will never lower there prices to be as low as Steam, in fact i see MS trying to raise PC game prices to be in line with console game prices. ea already do this with there scam service origin.

Live will never compete with Steam or GOG.

IrishSt0ner1004d ago

Xbox Live is confirmed free on PC.

KryptoniteTail1005d ago

Make a donate button. That's all.

001005d ago

apparently steam is removing donation links

iamnsuperman1005d ago

This won't end well. It is nice to support modders but including money into modding will ruin the entire experience. There will be less modders as reputation will be needed (you are not going to throw down money on a new modder over someone who has consistently delievered) to succeed. Also adding money means it is open to exploitation (other valve services have proven that point)

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