Sakurai Speaks Out About DLC Abuse in Modern Gaming

Sakurai took shots at the gaming industry for relying too much on DLC by holding back content.

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Big_Game_Hunters1185d ago

From an unbiased perspective, we need DLC, its either that or increase the price of games. At least we have developers who do DLC right. The new Mario kart DLC is great, back in my day it was called an expansion pack.

SegaGamer1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

There was no issue in the past so i can't agree with that. Games may cost more to make now but with gaming being more popular than ever, developers can make a hell of a lot more money without adding DLC.

crusf1185d ago

There was no issue because games were easier to make in the past since the technology was primitive compared to today. Games are way more complex and require more work and expensive technology. The funding has to come from somewhere. The issue is that companies don't know how to handle DLC.

dcj05241184d ago

This is actually the cheapest gaming has ever been. And people seem to forget all those overpriced consoles and games of the 90s

Conzul1184d ago

" were easier to make in the past since the technology was primitive compared to today..."


freshslicepizza1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

i'm not so sure gaming is a lot more popular now. for one thing we have way more games meaning the competitive state just got a lot harder. that's why heavily marketed games like destiny overshadow the lesser marketed games. in the past we bought few games and cherished them. now we trade 'em and sell them right away after we beat them and quickly play the next title. it's an ocd method of trying to keep the gamer entertained who has now become that much harder to please.

you look back at the numbers games like super mario brothers 3 sold. how many games do that now? now compare the development cost of super mario bros. 3 to the new zelda game. the costs are not proportionate to that of software prices.

we all want those big blockbuster aaa games to push our new hardware to the max but don't want to spend more than $60 for them. that means the publishers think of other creative ways to get more money, dlc.

KaladinStormblessed1184d ago

@moldybread -except the majority of dlc isn't all that creative. A few costumes here and there that should've been included in the first place or added as a free update. And games like AC where it costs around $20 for an extra hour or two (if you're lucky) of story? I mean it was alright, but not worth 20-30 dollars.

freshslicepizza1184d ago


if you had to choose would you rather have an option to buy overpriced dlc or have it all included and game prices go up again to $70 or $80 or even $100?

the reason i ask if because i don't think the current model for aaa games is sustainable. this is why we have overpriced dlc, dlc content being made alongside the development of games, seasons passes and the erosion of single player campaigns. plus the whole sameness of games that suffer from familiarity, lack of new ip's and the rise of remasters reboots and sequels.

sAVAge_bEaST1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

@ crusf, -No. I'm sorry you have no Idea what your typing about.

DLC is a Cash Grab. Started on a Certain System then Hyped with a Certain Game. (Month early Paid DL$C)

Example. BFBC2 gave free DLC for almost 2 years, then experimented with Paid expansion, Vietnam -which was like a whole new game, 1942. Then BF3 came out with Paid DLC and Premium, CA$H GRAB. tested the waters, and went for it.

-They need to give the community the tools, to make our own maps-

rainslacker1183d ago


Actually it's quite the opposite. The applications to make games were nowhere near as sophisticated as today's current game engines, so it was actually harder to make games. You could literally turn out a mario level platform game in a week assuming you have all the artwork done with the most basic of free engines out there.

Back in the day, those types of engines didn't exist, or when they did they weren't distributed outside of a development house.

In addition, the tools and education to make games was nowhere near as available or sophisticated as it is today, so for the most part, it was people who were just regular programmers coming in to write some code to make 2D images appear on screen...including the code to display the images on the screen which is what things like DX12 or OpenGL allow developers to do now. Nowadays, any person with the desire to do so can readily find plenty of references to start creating games, instead of having to learn complex coding practices just to display an image on the screen.

Games do cost more to make now. Much of that cost comes from marketing and media creation. All those cutscenes, actors, and complex orchestrated music scores are expensive to create. You need more programmers now due to the complexity of both games and the hardware used to run them....whereas back in the day, a game could be written with one person programming, and likely an artist.

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SegaGamer1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

@crusf. Like i said, gaming is more popular than ever and they are making a hell of a lot more money. They can cope well enough without adding DLC. We never had to worry about this during the PS2 era, and i wouldn't exactly call those days primitive.

Xavior_Reigns1184d ago

You're absolutely wrong! I mean how else are they going to cover the insane marketing expenses and/ or celebrity voice recordings? Can't forget the publisher suits either, I mean they totally work harder than the developers who are putting in a minimal effort at 140+ hr weeks.

SegaGamer1184d ago


Like i said, gaming is more popular than ever and they are making more money than ever. If money is such an issue, which i am sure it isn't, then maybe they should stop hiring celebs for voice recording instead of charging us for DLC.

001184d ago

I find it funny that games cost more than ever to make yet they keep on losing more content on each release.

s45gr321184d ago

You do remember the mini games, alternative paths,hidden pathways, free unlockables, map editors, etc. for the single player campaign with free local multiplayer to boot that offered co op,deathmatch, capture the flag, king of the hill,etc

Concertoine1184d ago

Then maybe budgets shouldn't be so high. Do we really need 200 people bumpmapping the pavement and texturing walls for 3 years to make a game these days?

There should be more stylized games. Games like Journey or Okami or No More Heroes that stand the test of time by not chasing the realism pipe dream.

Big_Game_Hunters1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

But Okami didn't make profit either, hence the multiple ports in attempt to make something back. Every game's budget is determined by consumer demand. For that reason, costing less to make a game doesn't make it easier to profit from than a game with more expensive development.

When done right DLC is both a cheap way for Devs to make more money and a benefit for gamers. A perfect example of this is AMIIBOS. Nintendo is probably making money that can be used for their games by selling what is essentially physical DLC. Even though i don't own AMIIBOS its clear that many people love them. If Okami was released today and had DLC it would give fans post release content to look forward to. It would also have made more money and gotten a real sequel Because DLC would make it a safer investment.

I'm not saying all DLC is good, some of it is clear greed, like most COD or AC DLC. The sad part is those games give DLC a bad name because they are so popular.

@SEGA gaming might be more popular than before but like i said, not all games benefit so much from a larger market. Unfortunately the majorities dull taste isn't a problem that can be fixed.

That isn't true at all, games are much larger now especially with he open world craze. you can say that the ratio of bonus content compared to The main game was have been higher before.

everything costs money, although i love free DLC and events etc, it isn't unfair for companies to ask for money for something they had to use money to create.

sorry for replying to so much in one comment, jsut not trying to waste bubbles

@Xol reigns marketing is an important part of business and is itself an investment, take destiny's marketing, half the budget went to marketing and of course the game sold exceptionally well. You can't blame a producer for wanting the world to know about their product.

Big_Game_Hunters1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Because i can't edit my comment anymore


s45gr321184d ago

No, bring back free unlockables,minimize the game development team and run it like a creative business not a bloody corporate

Big_Game_Hunters1184d ago

Look at Platinum, one of the most efficient game devs with a consistent output of quality games. yet they always need someone funding their games now:Bayo2, scalebound,Rising. They faced termination with every game they created last gen. That was what they were sacrificeing by not doing any kind of DLC or expansion.

Tzuno1184d ago

That's why games are incomplete,they milk us dry for content that should be in the game from the beginning because of people that think like you, i miss ps2 time when games were awesome and full of things to do.

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SegaGamer1185d ago

This coming from someone who is actually involved in gaming is a good thing to see. It shows that not everyone involved in gaming is looking to rip off their fans.

Dogswithguns1184d ago

I couldn't agree more.. now we have to buy costumes and weapons for the games, instead of unlocking them by playing through the games.. I sure hell never want unlocked the worthless trophies or achievements.

Majin-vegeta1184d ago

I dont mind DLC if it's done the right way or if we can get a deal.
W3 expanions are perfect example plus free DLC which it will also be getting.

If you're gonna sell characters at least sell them at a fair price.say

s45gr321184d ago

If I recall from game informer magazine during the launch of the xbox 360 that dlc was going to cost as little as 0.50 cents for a costume to a one dollar for a video game character. It never happen that way. ....

theFAYEsorceress1184d ago

as games got bigger, so did expectations. the more content you had/have, the better it is(depending on the game of course). you can still have a great game with no dlc, but eventually, you'll want more. whether it's from a sequel or dlc, it's just a way to provide more. companies started abusing it big time though. it's not so much about quality so much as it is to see what people are willing to buy.

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