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christocolus1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Telltale is on a roll. Walking dead, Boderlands, Game of thrones, wolf among us, minecraft and now a partnership with marvel? This deal could result in some really amazing games from the Marvel universe.i.e Telltale presents Wolverines Origins. :)

GigawattConduit1123d ago

At this point, I'm just wondering when they'll partner with DC.

christocolus1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

It will happen at some point.its just like Activision and the DC and Marvel lego games. Activision has made so much off the lego games. Starwars, Pirates of the Caribean, Harry Potter etc

GigawattConduit1123d ago

Calling it now: Telltale's Star Wars Chronicles by 2018.

Sonyslave31123d ago

-__- Telltale first game was with Dc comic Wolf Among Us.

Christopher1123d ago

Don't forget Lionsgate (Twilight or Hunger Games?).

Didn't they also do Jurassic Park or are going to do it? I forget.

GigawattConduit1123d ago

They did Jurassic Park, but from what I hear, it's either that or Back to the Future that they didn't finish. I'm like 85% sure they're doing Hunger Games.

christocolus1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Lol. I didn't even know about those. Hunger Games? Really? Well they are great at telling stories and their games do not require huge budgets and they always get decent sales . I can see why many companies would love to partner with them.

Germany71123d ago

Can i choose the vampire or a werewolf?

KyRo1123d ago

I just want TWD season 3. Their other recent games haven't really pulled me in as much as that series tbh.

-Foxtrot1123d ago


Again TellTale using big names and franchises with established audiences behind them to sell their games

Point and click games can't evolve and they know this so they use these big franchises to sell the games knowing it will sell because it's a certain brand.

Of all the games they've done they've never once done something different or a game with their own universe created from scratch.

Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Borderlands, Game of Thrones, Minecraft, Marvel...I mean come on

Why is it people can easily point out how First Person Shooter games are "always the same" and yet TellTales same old point and click games get a free pass.

GigawattConduit1123d ago

I'd argue that it's more than the gameplay that makes people go FPS' are the same. It's the setting, the color variety, the story, etc. After a while they all start to blend together except for minor things. But with each Telltale property, you can tell them apart from each other just by visuals alone.

-Foxtrot1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

There's been plenty of first person shooter games, not a lot but some, which you can easily tell the difference by and yet people can easily speak out about FPS games in general

Even when a game is FPS the first thing you usually hear without any gameplay is "Oh Jesus...another FPS game"

If TellTale did the Walking Dead as a brand new IP with no connection whats so ever with the Walking Dead which at the time it's fanbase had rocketed then it wouldn't of been praised as much as it did. It would of just been "another Zombie game"


Ah disagrees...of course


Baka-akaB1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Sure but it would be another game zombie with a choice system that i dont see much , outside of VN games .

personally i dont care that they dont reinvent the wheel , what they are doing is rare enough already , and even more rarely well done . Seeing a CoD or CoD type shooter every year is hardly the same feeling imo

The concept alone makes it one of those ultimate fanservice adventures based on franchises you might love . More so than a random beat them all , or mediocre fighting game in some cases

The one thing i hope would be for them to ditch the engine or or up the ante with it . It's getting outdated , especially for a universe as "stylised" as Marvel's , and of course we could do with less bugs .

KwietStorm1123d ago

So you're comparing an entire over saturated genre to one studio doing what they do. I don't know how the comparison fits in the first place, but at least most of what they do is different from what else is available, and is also good quality. First person shooters are mostly copy, edit, paste.

-Foxtrot1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

At one time they used to do pretty good puzzle games but now they just exploit the same thing over and over using big names to do it.

Least the FPS genre evolved a little over the years

Wolfenstein/Doom - The beginning

Goldeneye/Half Life - Story based

Halo Combat Evolved - The change, upping stakes

Call of Duty - Online

What's the point and click genre done? They could at least try to do something different or maybe do a puzzle game but they don't. Same thing, different IP it's based on. It's lazy and my point above is that we can easily call the FPS genre out but at least it has evolved a little.

Nwah1123d ago

Telltales games aren't even point and click games anymore. They're just interactive movies. At least with the Sam and Max games, they had some puzzles in there. But nowadays with TWD and whatever other hit franchise they decide to spin-off, it's nothing more than choose a dialogue option and once in a while walk around and choose who you get to talk to. When do we get to the point of Telltale games on Netflix?

Germany71123d ago

I agree with you Foxtrot. The Minecraft game it's like a joke of April's fool.
Telltale games are really overrated.

Imalwaysright1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Please don't tell me that you believe that an indie studio could afford the rights to make games based on those big names and franchises! If Telltale are making games based on big franchises is because the companies that own those franchises want or are willing to partner with them most likely due to the fact that they recognize Telltale's talent and the quality of their games.

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KryptoniteTail1123d ago

Marvel is teaming up with Attack on Titan. Maybe we can get a Marvel x Attack on Titan video game tie-in!

But focus on S3 TWD guys. I need.

GigawattConduit1123d ago

Well, this is due out in 2017, so plenty of time. :P

Godz Kastro1123d ago

Wow, what an announcement!

HeartlessGamer1123d ago

Am I the only one that wants TellTale games to do a Supernatural game?

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