Steam Workshop Modders Share 25% Split With Developer

Valve announced their new program today for Steam Workshop modders to be able to sell their mods. However, the revenue is split three ways where the game developer decides how much of that 25 percent split the modder gets.

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Crimzon1156d ago

Seems ridiculous that Valve gets 75% of the profits, and the actual content creators (the developers of the game and the developers of the mods) then have to split the remaining 25% between themselves.

When did Valve get so greedy?

Jovanian 1156d ago

That's not even the worst bit imo. The fact that they're charging money for mods is just awful. Mods should always be free, unless they straight up make an whole new game based on a mod then of course they should be able to sell it.

rdgneoz31156d ago

It is hilarious that Valve is making the devs of the game and mods split the remaining 25%. The modders could potentially get as low as 1% of the cash from the sale (or 25% if the game creator wants nothing, or 0% if they want to be d!cks). Those items up for say $5, modders are could get from $1.25 to $.05).

And if the mods you paid for don't work together (or a patch breaks them), your only recourse is to ask the modders nicely if they're gonna fix it...

AKissFromDaddy1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

"It is hilarious that Valve is making the devs of the game and mods split the remaining 25%."

edit: I just read it the part about Lombardi in another email, noting that the modder and game developer share their 25 percent split of money, “Additionally, the game creator will have the ability to alter their split with mod authors.”

I'm backpedaling towards that too high.

SouljAx3601156d ago

I would have assumed the point of this would be to inspire top tier mods that resemble what you would expect from official DLC. But if they're only gonna get pennies for it you are basically just paying Valve for something you'd get for free anyway.

I seen the price for the mod pack. It was 17 mods, mostly swords and armor, for 30 bucks. I'm currently playing through Fallout New Vegas with over 100 mods active. My pack of mods could have cost me 180 dollars, instead of the free I got it for.

Jovanian 1156d ago

Yeah, and if you're at all familiar with games where you have a ton of mods it can become very tricky to make sure they're all compatible. So what if the mods you purchase aren't compatible with one another? Since you're paying, are the modders obligated to make them work together?

Stapleface1156d ago

Saw this on Steam last night, yelled obscenities. Not cool at all Valve. This is just wrong in every way.

uth111156d ago

Seems backwards. Steam should get the 25% as they've added the least value.

cyril sneer1156d ago

Wow i never thought valve would go full retard wonder how they are going to stop the people who are stealing mods from nexus and uploading them to steam as their own and charging for them.