EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR | Gameplay Features Trailer | PS4, Xbox One

Learn about the different gameplay styles, improved ball physics and more.

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assassin2k907d ago

Ah golf. One of those sports I hate to watch but love to play in games and for real. Look at that grass! Grass never looked so good. Am looking forward to this.

3-4-5907d ago

Can't wait to play this.

Golf Club is good, but I need this too.

MSBAUSTX907d ago

Finally! I have been craving some good golf on my XB1. Hopefully this is along the lines of Tiger Woods because I need to play some gold games already.

assassin2k907d ago

It is the same as Tiger Woods, they just dropped him due to his man whose antics. It's still developed by the same team.

Sarobi907d ago

I haven't played these games in years, but this looks really good! I'm definitely consider picking this up

RegorL907d ago

Have you noticed the wildlife @ 0:37 ? :)