Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 "Ember" Trailer Breakdown

About 5 days ahead of the announced date in which we would see more content for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, we've got a new trailer for your viewing pleasur and it's been broken down bit by bit to give you the highest clarity on what is to come in Call of Duty.

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Magnus7011126d ago

Another year...another COD

kparks1126d ago

Yeah but this one is made by the one company that has yet to F it up so i still got high hopes! Really wanted [email protected] 2 tho

Stevefantisy1126d ago

If anything game looks good

bmf73641126d ago

What we just saw is a pre-rendered CGI teaser on what to expect as far as lore for this CoD, so we in truth have seen nothing of the game except what it may be about. A possible plot ripoff of Deus Ex.

Kingdomcome2471126d ago

Threw in a Snowden lookalike I see.

MetroidFREAK211126d ago

The trailer was cool... But I'm still waiting to the 26th to wait for gameplay... And more importantly multiplayer... That will be my deciding factor on this years CoD purchase or not

USMC_POLICE1126d ago

It will play the same as every year just new maps

Brix901126d ago

Yess...because Advanced Warfare was just like previous CoDs.../s

MetroidFREAK211126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

@USMC_POLICE I'm in the Marine Corps too. 6 months left on my contract lol. On topic, I'm sure it will, but I for one enjoy the series. It's fast paced fun... I understand you may not enjoy it anymore or at all, but as long as plays well... I'll enjoy it.

@Brix90 I actually really enjoy Advanced Warfare. It's the biggest change to CoD since Black Ops 1 introduced the "dive to prone" mechanic and I highly enjoy the new movement systems. Can really get some awesome kills and can out play people. It's a fantastic experience. Perfect no, but the best CoD since Black Ops 1. 8.5/10

leogets1126d ago

The question is how far are they willing to go?
Too many cods its time to stand up and let our voices be heard people......

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