GTA V Guide: How to Find Every Stunt Jump

There are so many stunt jumps in GTA V that it can be hard to keep track.
With 50 overall, you've got to find at least 25 for 100% story completion and they can be used to boost the driving skills of single player characters or even those online.
So here's a handy guide to help you find each of the 50.

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Mega24905d ago

Guide... Achievement Hunter has a way better guide, with markers and videos of how to land the jumps, they also have every other collectible. http://maps.achievementhunt...

_LarZen_905d ago


I was thinking about going 100% with the achievements. But seeing that so many of them are for multiplayer I kinda lost my motivation... :(

Krew_92905d ago

Really despise multiplayer achievements. They really take the fun out of trying to get 100%. I wish they stopped doing this, they're really not needed. Especially in this game, a game with over 200 hidden package type items, ridiculously precise annoying stunt jumps, and many more things to do.