Star Wars: Battlefront Won't "Feel Like or Play Like" Battlefield, Producer Says

Jesper Nielsen, an assistant producer at the DICE support studio Uprise who uses the handle "TheBikingViking" on Reddit, responded to a fan's concerns by promising that, while Battlefield and Battlefield share some shooter similarities, they will play quite differently.

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XboxDD1179d ago

We'll see about that. I'm not really buying it.

iamnsuperman1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

I still do not know why they didn't show gameplay. I mean they showed it to the press (in a closed door affair) why not just show off that to the masses. If they are really confident in this product and how it will not play like Battlefield, they need to show it. Something is clearly showable since they have shown it to people.

Apart from the words (which seem far to defensive for a reveal) DICE haven't shown they are confident in their product. One way to silence critics is to show it (it will stop them constantly being on the back foot)

Pandamobile1179d ago

"I still do not know why they didn't show gameplay."

Probably because they're waiting for E3.

iamnsuperman1179d ago

Probably but now they have made more work for themselves as they need to convince people that this isn't a Star Wars skin of Battlefield 4. First impressions are important.

iSuperSaiyanGod1179d ago

Star Wars battlefield , cod it's basically all the same .

Maul_T_Pass1179d ago

I don't understand the choice to wait till E3 to show gameplay. They were at the LARGEST gathering of Star Wars fans IN THE WORLD. That was the time to show gameplay or at the very least tease it some. It was a critical mis-step and as a result they are left playing damage control.

Summons751179d ago

That maybe true but there still is no reason not too, especially after saying they are REVEALING it and then basically didn't show a thing except what the engine looks like when super polished which isn't what we want to see.

vallencer1179d ago

Either that or they're waiting for may 4th. Because it's star wars day.

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Randostar1179d ago

Lol, that wasn't just the press. Thousands of people from celebration got to see it as well. Go look at the star wars battlefront reddit.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1179d ago

probably because they want to build up hype instead of just showing it now and letting they hype die out a bit, it doesn't matter how confident they are in their product, we have to be looking forward to something, and the fact that they showed a cinematic trailer in engine is far more then we usually get from a reveal for a game, which is just a straight CGI.

And they showed gameplay to the press and a few fans right off the bat, and i'm not sure but I think they let a few people actually play it, sounds like a pretty confident reveal to me


Soldierone1179d ago

Press didn't get gameplay either. They got a 5 minute trailer of pre-played content.

Being honest I think they are afraid of it being too similar and are covering it up as much as possible. Now people are catching on so they need to figure out how to fix it.

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Nwah1179d ago

They keep talking and not showing. I won't believe a word until I see it.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1179d ago

i don't care, the original battlfronts were supposed to be star wars skinned battlefield for consoles, so be that again if you want

morganfell1179d ago

They can't be the originals because the originals had space battles.

EDIT: The originals had space battles that weren't paid DLCs disguised as later offerings because the dev team had "time to make it right" (time to offer it later when they could charge a generous amount).

Smaller dev team, smaller budget, weaker hardware > Dice and their offering

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

it's quality over quantity, if it was space battles and content you really wanted, then to you star wars elite squadron was the best battlefront had to offer, and the first game was a failure.

Battlefront was awesome because of it's quality, and I'd rather have dice focus and make the best ground battles we've seen in battlefront, and leave space battles for the inevitable sequel, then spread the quality thin and leave us with battlefront 2 with better graphics.

And I don't actually just want star wars battlefield, i'm just pointing out the fact that it's stupid for people to be complaining like that wasn't what battlefront was trying to live up to in the first place

morganfell1179d ago

I appreciate the comment but I know all about those titles, own every title to date, and have likely been gaming longer than most people on this board.

The point I was making was every comment from these devs results in a paring down of the game. And you should consider what I stated before dismissing it. Battlefront II had a much smaller dev team, a smaller budget EVEN WHEN CONSIDERED IN COMPARISON, and weaker hardware and Battlefront II rocked. The ground combat rocked. Why do you take the position it is one or the other? If you do not think features are intentionally being witheld for DLC later then you are taking a naive point of view.

People that make the statement you posted concerning how you want them to concentrate on land battles are ignoring the facts, ignoring that smaller team with smaller budget and weaker hardware made it work. There is no SP campaign, no Conquest Mode, and no excuse not to have ground battles along with Space Battles. Why do you think with such a massive battle and enabled hardware that great ground combat would preclude any other mode.

Do you think Dice is a one trick pony? Why do other lesser dev teams make SP and MP work? Can Dice not manage to make two MP modes function and function at GOTY levels?

This reveal has been one long exercise in what they aren't offering in this game.

Becuzisaid1179d ago

I'm honestly embarrassed at what the gaming community as a whole has become. Can no one be excited for something anymore? So the new Battlefront is not just a straight up re-do of Battlefront 1/2. It's a little ironic that many of the same people bitching about this also bitch about the large number of HD remasters and ports this generation of consoles receives.

Yes, I've made comments about how some things they've revealed sound like bad ideas (on-rails AT-AT's), but I'm still excited that another Battlefront game is even happening in the first place. I've been a gamer since the NES days, grew up with a PS1-4, PSP & Vita, and Wii/Wii U. It's getting hard to be excited when all I read is negativity and presumptuous speculation and piss-poor journalism.

It's time the gaming community grow up.

001179d ago

blame the publishers and game journalists for over hyping and under delivering, there is only so meany times you can fool people.

Becuzisaid1179d ago

I agree with what you're saying, but I think blame needs to go to people like us (yes, I'm including myself) that fan flames unnecessarily, and aren't patient enough to get a larger picture of what the actual game will be.

pompombrum1179d ago

^^^ There is a valuable lesson to be learned there, one I think Microsoft could teach them. I see what you're getting at though but they should give us the larger picture before putting the game up for preorder and even going as far as talking about DLC and bonus content for the editions. They opened themselves up to scrutiny the moment they wanted to start taking our money.

sizeofyou1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

I agree that there's too much moaning and griping from 'us' (the Royal 'we'!) - but the publishers need to mature a little with the gamers. Reveals are fanning the flames by either be unrealistic, or on a high end PC. Sadly, I think the whole end to end process needs a kick in the butt. Publishers need to show and label what they're showing clearly. Consumers need to know what they're seeing and understand.
Personally...I think reveals happen way too early. I'd much rather know that a studio is on a project and then have a near completed article shown 4-6 weeks before release. Not 18 months before, hype to release, delay, disappoint. Maybe a teaser so people know it's in the works but again, not 1-2 years before it's due..!

NOTE - when Rockstar dropped a near finished GTA III on the world it was stunning..!

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

If anything, I was excited to hear that they were cutting things. A game just looking for money would do exactly what the past games did with better graphics and physics, it would sell great, and you wouldn't get this kind of complaining.

When the developers decide to cut out space battles, and make the at-at's not fully controllable mean that they're putting what they see fits the game best before what they know would easily please the fan-base. And while i'm not saying those decisions will pay off. Decisions like that show their mindset, and that mindset is more indicative of a good game then space battles and single-player

vallencer1179d ago

I agree with you about gamers. I don't like what gaming websites have become. It's all negative and complaints about games and companies. News flash about companies, they've always wanted just your money. Yeah back in the old days they had unlocks and things like that. I guarantee you it was because they didn't have the ability to sell content later on. Times are changing and it's saddening that gamers are the only groups of people for a consumer item that will bitch and moan about how they aren't getting things for free.

Does every company do dlc right?? No (looking at you capcom). Does DICE do dlc right?? Yes. Maybe aside from battle packs but at the same time I don't care if someone spends their hard earned money on those.

I get that people are annoyed by the stuff they haven't included but we don't even have all the info for the damn game yet!! I'm excited but I like playing games. I'm also aware of how much video games cost to make now. I'm also aware that no one HAS to buy dlc. I just wish people wouldn't be so quick to jump on the hate bandwagon. The people making this game love battlefront. I'm sure they're doing everything they can to make it the game people want. If that means some things don't make it fine.

Also I think the reason space battles were taken out is they couldn't find a way to make the transition from ground to space without loading.

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