Atlus To Make Edits In Dungeon Travelers 2

Atlus talks about the Topic of Content Edits in Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal

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Yi-Long1126d ago

The game is aimed at mature audiences (M-rating), and I'm 38 myself, so why would they censor anything at all? It's ridiculous.

Just state/show on the box what kind of content customers might expect (fan-service), and if they don't like that, they simply shouldn't buy it.

This censorship means that a potentially interested customer like me won't go near it.

This 'adapting some of the fan service content to western sensibilities' crap is just STUPID! Many of us love these games BECAUSE we enjoy those wacky Japanese sensibilities!!! That's the whole charm!

CLOUD19831126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Agree, agree & agree with everything you said this game should have an M rating & absolutely nothing removed from it, but that's the fucked up society we live in, even adults can't enjoy the same shit Japanese gamers enjoy on a daily basis over there, it's a shame we can't play the game with the exact same content & every time I hear about a Japanese game censored due to "Western-Sensibilities " it pissed me off so much... what I have to say is what a pile of horse-shit is that, we are in great need of some drastic changes over here regarding censoring, like remove any kind of censoring for good & completely for example & never have this kind of conversation ever again.

Dark_Overlord1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

I've just viewed the whole image gallery, not one nipple flash or genitals shown at all, so why the hell are Atlus doing this? (They didn't even attempt to submit the *uncensored* CG's)

I'd love to give Atlus a game like Starless to localise >:)

EDIT - if anyone wants to see for themselves the image gallery, I'll PM them the link, as the site is largely NSFW

gamer78041126d ago

I hate not having the origin game as intended, but was interested in this game, could you send me the link of the 4 images so i can tell if its something that would bother me?


Highlife1126d ago

Why would someone want to look at that? Characters drawn to look like they are 12 with hugely oversized breasts.personally think these games are made for the pervs.

Dark_Overlord1126d ago

Funnily enough JList covered this very issue, and it was a very interesting read. I can't find the exact article but it was somewhere along the lines of

'To the western world Japanese women do look young, even 30 year old women can be mistaken for children to westerners. Whereas to Japanese women, westerners are giants in comparison'

So it's not drawing 12 year olds, they are drawing what Japanese women do look like at those ages (apart from the boobs of course XD), just because westerners perceive them as young, it doesn't mean that they are.

rainslacker1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )


I think that's stretching it a bit...although Japanese people in general do carry a lot of youthful traits into their middle ages.

It's more an art style for some anime(can't remember what it's called). The age of the characters is ambiguous at best, but whenever I've seen actual questionable content, their age is usually listed as least legal in Japan. Sometimes this is changed for localization though.

Generally youth is considered pure and innocent. This just makes it more of a juxtaposition when they are put into questionable scenarios. I don't think these games are made for pervs. I enjoy games like the Atelier series which use this art style and the lesbian references and sexually suggestive images are plentiful, but seem more satirical of used for comedy than for any sort of sexual arousal. Whether them being used like that is proper or not is really just a matter of context and cultural differences have a big part to play in the discussion.

I can also say that more often than not when i do see this kind of stuff with this art style, when they actually display it, they make the characters look a bit older or more mature in some way...typically in their facial expression or body development(adding actual hips for instance).

Games like this one probably cross the line into "for pervs" category, but like most things, you have to take stuff in context and as a whole to really make an informed decision on if that's the case.

LaserEyeKitty1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

Lets not mince words here folks, the girls are likely (at best) going to be in their mid-teens. Why? Because it's Japan.

Why I'm not going to get this game: The protagonist.

The protagonist is going to be your average snot nose JRPG teenage male, who is going to have no sex drive, have a nose bleed at the sight of a girl's thighs, gonna walk in on them in the bath at one point, and (lets not forget this pathetic little factors) all the girls will like him because he's....wait for it.....just a little more....we're almost ready......NICE!

Yes folks! The moral of Harem JRPGs - if you're a nice guy, girls will flock to you in droves! It seems that in the world of Anime, when the girls are off the screen, they're apparently beaten senseless by every man they run into! It's only the sole male protagonist, who once did a mindlessly, minute, NORMAL task, like opening a door for a girl, that apparently treats them like a normal human being should be treated!

Personally, I'm more offended by the pathetic message of the game telling otakus they don't need to try hard or get outside their comfort zone, to attract women.

KryptoniteTail1125d ago

Wow, what are we, Europe or Australia with big brother government babysitting our decisions? Why is this happening so often?!