Shovel Knight Vita Review – Dig In - The Koalition

Yacht Club Games brings Shovel Knight to PlayStation consoles. Is it really worth playing through again? Find out the full review!

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Romudeth1037d ago

This game looks so awesome! I can't wait to finally play it after I finish with Bloodborne.

Venomousfatman1037d ago

You should definitely play it ASAP. It was one of the best games last year, rightfully so. Even though most of it is the same from the previous release, its still that good. The new PlayStation Exclusive content is a nice accent to it all.

MoreGravyPleez1037d ago

Just got this from the Spring Fever sale. When I'm done with Axiom Verge I getting into this one!

Great review, seems to have validated my purchase :D

Venomousfatman1037d ago

You wont be finding any buyers remorse with this game. You'll want more of it by the time you are done.

sagesurge1037d ago

amen for the game not sucking....I was so afraid of that

Venomousfatman1037d ago

The game DEFINITELY doesn't suck. Its a nice package of EPIC WIN.

rbailey1037d ago

Definitely will be picking this up soon. Hopefully we get a Shovel Knight 2 in the future too.

Venomousfatman1037d ago

I'm definitely counting that the game will get a sequel. I only wonder if they will take the same approach, or even maybe consider making the game in a 16 Bit style.

That would be incredibly good for a step up.