Nvidia Releases New Witcher 3 Behind The Scenes Video

Nvidia visited CD Projekt Red to capture some footage and info behind the scenes at the studio that's making The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, showing off some of Nvidia's tech being implemented and worked on in the game.

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Kingdomcome2471063d ago

This is killing me. It's to be expected that new videos will be released this close to launch, but I can't do anymore. The wait is killing me. I'm going dark... after this one last video.

starchild1063d ago

Yeah, I'm torn between avoiding everything until the game comes out and watching gameplay videos because I can't resist.

It looks so good. Only about 25 days to go.

cyclindk1063d ago

God I wish that fur would make it onto consoles.... maybe next-next gen, maybe.

Allsystemgamer1063d ago

The cards in the consoles aren't strong enough unfortunately

--bienio--1063d ago

Good Im Pc gamer and can't wait for The Witcher 3:) it's going to be amazing!!