Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Coming to Steam; It's Ugly

BNR: A good long while ago I noticed that the Nintendo DS/mobile phone version of Final Fantasy IV came to Steam and it was kind of... Ugly. Well, great news- Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is also coming to Steam, and it's just as ugly.

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Kamikaze135941d ago

Ugly indeed. I wish they just ported an HD version of the sprite version on the PSP.

DonkeyDoner940d ago

seriously dont understand this instead of vita or 3ds its coming to pc

STK026940d ago

You can already play FFIV and The After Years on Vita though PSP emulation though.

Nirvana31591940d ago

Either SE is clueless on how the market works or they're just idiots

jc48573940d ago

This is just as bad as the announcement of FFVII on the PS4.

electricrabbit940d ago

Well on the bright side at least it gives people more opportunity to play the game if they haven't played it yet.

Genova84940d ago

The game is terrible though ... Can't they focus their efforts on actually making good games instead of constantly stretching they're old games past their breaking point?

PhoenixUp940d ago

They tried to whoo people with a glorious trailer hoping they don't actually see the real game

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