The Witcher 3, Lies, and Video Game Trailers

Geralt of Rivia doesn't like liars, and neither should we.

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DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Let me remind you that Geraldo Rivera tricked us all into watching his reveal... err, wait, nevermind, that's another story.

Microsoft OBVIOUSLY didn't try to deceive people... as if MS could possibly think that people wouldn't notice it was 1080P while XO is reportedly 900P. They OBVIOUSLY never intended it, and it really hurt no one, at least not as much as the SPIN that they LIED does. Not to say that Microsoft shouldn't correct such issues; however, what's really bad are the witches who cast the evil spells of bLAME and deception that negates the PROper use of LOGIC.

Also, this same BS was mentioned about Ori being shown for "Xbox" while it was running on PC... Ori may be considered a Xbox platform title on PC... I haven't nitpicked the details though I think more PC games are likely going to support the "Xbox" platform branding as Microsoft continues its "One" vision. I suppose that confusion is something MS needs to work on before that fLAMERS get a hold to manipulate for "butthurt".

Microsoft not being protective enough over those that MAKE.believe for "butthurt" is really how Microsoft gets dragged down.

About why MS used that clip... maybe because Microsoft DOES NOT OWN The Witcher 3, and maybe they had to depend on the clip they were provided? I really haven't read anything about the real reasons why though that is just what I think after 10 seconds of reading that SPIN.

Edit: About MS not having a copy... The Witcher 3 was first reported to have gone gold on April 16th.