Patch Coming to Battlefield Hardline Next Week

First patch coming to Battlefield Hardline allows server rentals, changes gameplay and fixes bugs.

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GreenUp1123d ago

Instantly looked for nerfs and wasn't disappointed in finding them lol. This franchise has been nerfing it's weapons ever since I could remember since BF2. I haven't even botherd buying the game. Waiting for the beta test phase to end.

Pandamobile1123d ago

Yeah, balancing the game is totally a bad thing, right?

Adexus1123d ago

There's balancing and there's making every weapon exactly the same :P

D3TH_D33LR1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Don't you just hate when developers balance and tweak their games! The nerve!

GreenUp1123d ago

Adexus' comment is best suited to you.

isa_scout1123d ago

Finally, I cant wait for the K-10 nerf,and the scope wobble when someone shoots the environment near your position fix.

Zenith4k1123d ago

Hopefully they fix the helicopter when the cross hair is moving and you don't know where your firing

wakeNbake1123d ago

They should patch the corny ass songs on the radio.

LOL_WUT1123d ago

Itz da sound of da police! Yeah in all seriousness at have the option where its disabled automatically ;)

D3TH_D33LR1123d ago

Or you know... Turn them off? The options right there in the menu.

WizzroSupreme1123d ago

About time. Hopefully this'll apply to the single-player too, because I'm tired of looking at my partner's shoot the ground.

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