New Xbox One May Update Preview Fixes Party Voice Commands, Prepares for Wireless Display

Today a new Xbox One update has been launched for preview members, fixing issues (prominently, the inability to use voice commands while on the initial screen of the Party app) and preparing for the previously announced Miracast support. That hasn’t been enabled yet.

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PANDAB1126d ago

I really like the hectic pace at which MS works. And really intrigued by the Miracast possibilities

ScorpiusX1126d ago

Sweet sweetness bring it home to daddy .

MasterBaker1126d ago

Small update for Xbox preview members, but I think they're waiting for the next couple of months. Phil spencer said that the next couple of months will be interesting for preview members, so I expect some big updates in May, June and maybe July. especially since windows 10 is releasing within that time frame.

SegaGamer1126d ago

I know people praise Microsoft for their updates but 90% of it is just fixes. If there wasn't so many problems then these "updates" wouldn't be so frequent.

NeoGamer2321126d ago


Adding external HDD support, custom backgrounds, revamping the store design, the achievements app real time tracking, miracast, streaming support, What's on, twitch, media player MKV support, revamping the friends app, friends leaderboards, etc. were mostly just fixes?

The evolution of the XB1 OS has been nothing short of amazing. MS makes the gaming experience funner, more efficient, and more feature rich every month. It has been an astonishing amount of change since the Day One XB1.

Volkama1126d ago

Ohhh game DVR coming this month. I look forward to spamming my xbox feed with beautiful PC footage! And unlike Microsoft, I wont need to issue an apology for it!

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