Top 5 PS4 games to play in 2015

We take a look at 5 of the top exclusives coming to the PS4 this year. These are games which are not coming to any other platform, and promise to be gems.

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ThinkThink1124d ago

How confident are we that No man's sky hits in 2015?

theIndianNoob1123d ago

Pretty confident. The Wikipedia articles show them being released in Q2 of 2015.
Also I think we mistake No Man's Sky for an AAA game because of the size. They are a small team which are more probable to reach their targets, than a team say working on Batman.
I think we will have more concrete dates in E3, but until then its a safe bet to expect No Man's Sky in 2015.

medman1123d ago

I hope you're right IndianNoob, but two of my most anticipated for this year are Rime and No Man's Sky, and they've both been frighteningly silent....I hope their silence means the devs have their heads down and will produce them in 2015, but I have my doubts.

badboyz091123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

2015 is going by fast. The Mayweather fight is juust 2weeks away.

Rimeskeem1123d ago

If you search up the release date it says 2015 on 99% of sites.

Stapleface1123d ago

Not very. There is no release date. Saying 2015 is a release window, and if they were sure themselves they probably would have said q3 or q4 by now but we have nothing. Let's hope for a solid release date soon and that it is in 2015.

MilkMan1123d ago

Not very. This will get pushed back. MAAAAAAYBE by Christmas.

Nirvana315911123d ago

My top 5

Persona 5
Ratchet and Clank
Deep Down
Let it die

I'm sure there's plenty to be announced at E3 still

trywizardo1123d ago

witcher 3 , dark knight , mad max , uncharted and FF xv

theIndianNoob1123d ago

Uncharted doesnt get released in 2015.
All the others are not PS4 exclusives...

trywizardo1123d ago

the head line said "top 5 PS4 games to play in 2015" they didn't say anything about exclusivity ...

Mega241123d ago

I'll be very happy if No Man's Sky releases in 2015. Haven't used my PS4 in a while, so it be great if its a 2015 launch.

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