Gamers react to paying for mods on Steam

Spoiler warning: They don't love the idea

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ColManischewitz1095d ago

Someone is going to sue, just watch.

Gamer19821095d ago

He's right a lot of mods on games are based on ips like cloud strife mod and looking like other characters from other games. The devs don't mind this if its a free mod but once your try to charge for somebody elses intellectual property all hell will break loose.

Naga1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

The only people who would have any standing to sue would be the game developers on the basis that modders are profiting from use of their game assets.

hello121095d ago

Well obviously gamers will be pricing everything from owning a few flags to owning a new set of units.

darkronin2291095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

I wouldn't mind throwing a few bucks to modders who have a great track record with supporting and updating their work.

Gamer19821095d ago

But the rub is where does it stop? If only a few flagged mods made the cut that are worth the money it would be fine but this is STEAM effectively killing whats great about PCs free mods for our games they are turning them into DLC. Not to mention how devs are gonna react to this as they will no doubt want a cut. Releasing for free is one thing as nobody gets hurt in fact it boosts sales it's when you start making money from somebody elses game THATs what the issue is.

Hey i'm all for giving great modders a bit of money and if they want it I say set up a donation page at least you get it direct and not through valve who will probably take +70% of that income. This is going to seriously hurt PC gaming and actuially set it back a few years just like when MS tried to force GFWL down our necks and charge us for it.

deadpoolio3161095d ago

OR its going to stop mods altogether, this will essentially open the door for publishers to sue modders for using their copyrighted trademarked assets...They didn't care when it was free, but expect some of them to swarm if someone is profiting off of it...And NO profiting off of something that belongs to someone else can't be spun into goodwill or free advertising or greed, its common sense that some wont want to lose money on something they created

spartanlemur1095d ago

Nor would I if the content was excellent quality, finished, and relatively big.

But all this does is make the S.T.E.P mods potentially cost $200+ overall, which is outrageous.

What would have been the smart thing to do? Bethesda working with notable modders to release high-quality official DLC packs.

All this is going to do is result in an endless stream of litigation, and end up misleading people (24 hours is often not long enough to find game-breaking bugs, especially if you're busy and don't have 14 hours a day to play).

Obz1094d ago

Valve takes 75% of revenue.

WikusVanDeMerwe1094d ago

So now developers can sell us DLC then turn around and hire or make mods themselves to sell to us. Why does everything have to have a cost tied to it? Why is choice (other than avoidance) so damn wrong for people to make themselves?

I've paid people for mods before not because they demanded but because I wanted to give it myself. I will never give in to demands of greed. But like MOST dlc, I will avoid the costs because most of the time it is just not worth the asking price.

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Tolkoto1095d ago

Steam sure is complicated these days.

-Foxtrot1095d ago

Hey Valve remember that thing you were working on a while back...oh what was it...urm.....oh yeah that's right....Half Life 3

Remember that.

Focus on things people do want.

Seriously it's everything but games at the studio

D3TH_D33LR1095d ago

Steam machine oculus rift exclusive. Just you wait... Like you have been for over 7 years now

MrSwankSinatra1095d ago

The thing you fail to understand is that Valve is no longer a studio.

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