Spot of Tea, Guvna? – Tea Party Simulator 2015 Review | GIZORAMA

Johnny Ohm, GIZORAMA - "I used to complain about the massive load of simulator games that shuffled their way onto the Steam page a few years back. Things like Surgeon Simulator and Goat Simulator, while extremely different from one another, sounded to me as if they sold simply for the sake of being random (or “randum” for any of you pre-teen readers), and I figured that was far from a solid reason to buy a game. While my complaints were solidly planted in self-justified logic, I couldn’t help but start to backpedal when Power Up to Maximum’s Tea Party Simulator 2015 was plopped onto my desk for a review. Sure it acts quirky just for the sake of it, but damn was I surprised at how much fun pouring imaginary tea for a scrutinizing bear would be."

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