This Would Be The Ideal Nintendo Loyalty Program

"This is a bright, new time for Nintendo. This year the company is laying down an infrastructure for its loyalty program that will last for years and years to come. Ultimately, it will be Nintendo that decides which features will see the light of day. I do wish, however, that whatever Nintendo rolls out is a program that truly rewards those that stick with Nintendo through thick and thin - a program that makes itself worthy of Nintendo" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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admiralvic1154d ago

I can't say I would consider this the ideal Nintendo loyalty program, nor would I say it would even be a positive step for the future of the company.

See, the issue with a price reduction program is that it would probably be worse and less rewarding than deals I can already find. By paying Best Buy up to $30 you can get Gamer Club Unlocked for 2 years and that gives you 20% off all games. So by opting out of buying 1 Nintendo title I could get up to (not including CEs and things above $60) $12 off any game I want for 2 calendar years, which odds are will be better than whatever Nintendo offers or at least offers for quite a while. In addition to that, one of the problems with Nintendo and digital is storage space. The Wii U only has 32 gb by default (some only have 8), with the system losing a bit to formatting and OS size, leaving many people with limited space to play with. Thankfully most Wii U games are small, though all it takes if one DK Tropical Freeze or SSB to nearly wipe you out (both of them are over 10 gb). This will force people to buy/obtain additional storage, which will no doubt cost as much as GCU would, assuming you buy a decent amount of space.

I mean, I can keep rambling on about this, but odds are it will take quite a while for the discount to surpass 20% and that assumes Nintendo would be willing to take a 30%+ loss and also that the requirements for getting that far would be obtainable for most.

As far as the rest, I can't say I really care for the Mii thing, nor the DLC stuff. The issue with DLC is that once people see more and more content removed, they tend to get angry/defensive. Especially if it's minor things, as I don't care if I unlock a special shirt in SSB or racing decal just because I spend a lot of money on Nintendo products. Some might, but I'm not among them. The same goes for Mii's, since I am not active enough on the Nintendo Network to really care what my Mii looks like. Again, some might, but I am not among them.

For me the best loyalty program would be something similar to Club Nintendo, but more focus on physical items. As I use to tell people when they gushed about getting digital games from the program, I didn't care for them because they weren't special. Sure getting Earthbound for "free" was nice, but if I really wanted Earthbound I would have paid the $9.99 for it. The only thing stopping me was the desire to buy it, but with physical items I felt like I was getting something unique that connected me to the company. This might be silly for some, but thats how I felt. Shame the last rewards were a serious step down in quality though. =\

paleselan11154d ago

Although I agree that physical rewards would be the best step for fans, it doesn't seem like that is what Nintendo will be aiming for -- they seem to think it's too costly.

Xof1153d ago

Any time you put "ideal" and "Nintendo" next to each other, all I can read is "Ain't ever gonna happen."

Zulehan1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

[after reading imaginary announcement]

Nintendo offers external hard drives as rewards. Oh, my God, yes.

KryptoniteTail1152d ago

The ideal plan is simple. At least match but preferably exceed the serviced PS+ offers (minus the negatives like paying for online). Also, bring back some type of physical rewards. Keep doing everything else you do too.

How hard iis that?

iSuperSaiyanGod1152d ago

I'd rather have the digital games , forget physical shirts , poster ect . Got majoras mask 64 , smash bros 64 & donkey kong country tropical freeze all free from Nintendo in the last few months . Better then anything , ps plus or gold has giving me .

josephayal1152d ago

I think Nintendo has lost its touch

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