The Gamer Headlines Show EP 27: Star Wars Battlefront, X-Men Gay Reveal, and Single-Player Campaigns

This week’s episode has our hosts discussing the new information surrounding this year’s Star Wars Battlefront, the reveal that a founding member of the X-Men is gay, our thoughts on single-player campaigns in video games, and more!

Hosted by Adnan Riaz and Christopher Cortes

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chrcharcor21064d ago

I'm still in the middle with Star Wars Battlefront, but I'm willing to look into it more before I make a decision on it.

LaFleur1064d ago

Battlefront really does look like an exciting prospect.

pungello881064d ago

Graphics are gonna be amazing.

SegaGamer1064d ago

Really ? Compare Battlefront 2 to what we know of this game then.

Here, take a look at this:

If anything, this new game is a backwards step.

Twinblade1064d ago

Not really, AT-AT's will be on rails, 20vs20, no galaxy conquest, no single player, no space battles (future DLC I bet), 4 planets and 8 total maps in the beginning.

Redemption212941064d ago

I for one am pissed that Battlefront doesn't have a campaign. I'm burned out on Multiplayer and I don't want that to be a games only feature.

Valenka1064d ago

I wasn't aware there wasn't a campaign. Thanks for sharing that fact. Now I'm really going to have to consider the game before purchase; I can't stand multiplayer only games and I most likely will not be making an exception for anything, including the long awaited Battlefront. What a damn shame.

ninsigma1064d ago

There's single player missions instead of a campaign but that's probably not what you're looking for.

rebeccakelsey1064d ago

I'm very surprised about the lack of campaign in Battlefront. That's so odd to me!