5 Places Bloodborne Should Go Next

Now that From Software has done the Georgian / Victorian aesthetic with Bloodborne, they should pick one of these five historical settings for their next game.

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slinky1234561155d ago

These ideas are somewhat cool, but I feel Bloodborne shouldn't be so Ancient in its lore that some of these suggest.

If they are to change the settings, I think a colonial India Era would be cool. I think it would change it up somewhat but keep the dark feel there just enough.

joab7771155d ago

I dunno. Babylon would be amazing.

XB1_PS41154d ago

To the garbage can.

To take a dump on bad games.

Because it's awesome.

TheGamingArt1154d ago

This guy obviously didn't beat Bloodborne... and obviously doesn't know how the Soul series works...

Nicaragua1154d ago

I think this guy has Bloodborne confused with Assassins Crud.

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