Why Mad Max Needs Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis System

Mad Max already looks like it's going to be an amazing game, at least if we are to believe what we saw in the gameplay trailer anyway, but you know what would make it even better? The Nemesis System that made Shadow of Mordor the unexpected hit it is today!

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gamer11381099d ago

Forcing a gameplay mechanic from another game into another isn't always a good move. I think the last thing we need is ever game thinking it needs a nemesis mode just because it worked well in Mordor.

0nespark1099d ago

while that may be true, it's already evident that this game is borrowing from Batman (the combat system) so it might as well borrow from another, and mix the both and make it an even better game!

Nio-Nai1098d ago

I was unaware that 3rd person action combat was only existent in Batman games, or that they made them to begin with.

rdgneoz31098d ago

Though unlike Mordor, this game doesn't look like it really has any hierarchy beyond boss characters and peons. And you don't need to shoehorn mechanics (copy) into every game. Mordor was similar to AC, but the Nemesis system set it apart. Mad Max needs to set itself apart from the rest without just copying everything else.

It looks like a great game, sadly though it's releasing the same day as MGS5 which has a huge following and a ton of publicity at this point.

Meltic1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

Agree. Some moves clearly was from the batman games. And some moves looked new. Already preordered it. This and Metal Gear is a big hit for me.

wheresmymonkey1098d ago

True. But so did Mordor, makes sense they're all WB games so they might as well use rocksteadies knowhow to make the combat even beter.

Its also pinched the vehicle combat out of carmageddon.

The set up of Mad MAx doesn't lend itself to the nemesis system. In the wasteland there aren't a ton of different people vying for control there's just warlords and their minons and the monions know their place.

Mad Max ewas always about the cars anyway. So that's what avalanche have focused on. The crafting/upgrades system for your car, are this game's nemesis system.

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elninels1098d ago

Why mad max needs to be the game the developers want it to be. Or why this author needs to stop.

itsjustexuma1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

I think its pretty amazing that they are letting us build our own car

Qrphe1098d ago

This should be the true heart of the game, not some unrefined mechanic from some other game.

bloop1098d ago

While I agree with what you say about the cars, the Nemesis system was far from being an unrefined mechanic.

Der_Kommandant1098d ago

When i knew Avalanche Studios was behind Mad Max, i had no doubt they will create an amazing game, i've been waiting for a Mad Max game since the NES one.

1098d ago
DarXyde1098d ago

Why Mad Max DOESN'T NEED Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis System:

Because it doesn't.

Let's not play out the mechanic before we get another Shadow of Mordor, ay?

I'm sure Mad Max will have its own system to make us proud. It already looks like it's got some fun foraging mechanics, let's see where else it gets creative.

Gamer19821098d ago

My friend is really hyped for this game but really couldn't get into SOM if they added that system he will be pretty bummed out. It was a good system but not everybody liked it. It has its place in SOM and it should stay there and even be improved upon for the sequel.

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