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PANDAB1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

.....also on PlayStation's YouTube channel!.... oh geez peaz

Has Sony really secured CoD???? This is Huge (and I'm not even a CoD fan....apart from zombies)

Transistor1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

I said it and no one believed it.

It's really not that shocking, PS4 is leading in every country.

PlayStation is also hyping it up on Twitter and as far as I know it not on Xbox's YouTube. So it's pretty much confirms it and represents a pretty big change.

Nitrowolf21123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

I guess the question that everyone is asking, if true, are the dropping this bs 3rd party dlc exclusive, or giving it to sony now?

I really do hate timed anything

Also, this trailer looks like something right out of deus ex!

Transistor1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

From what I've heard PS4 gets it first. Nothing concrete though.

It really doesn't matter though, between Star wars and COD PS4 commercials are going to be every 5 minutes around Christmas.

The PS4 is also rumored to be dropping straight to $299 before then. Expect a SWBF and Black Ops bundle.

MasterCornholio1123d ago

I guess we will find out on the 26.


UKmilitia1123d ago

a huge change that xbox owners will not admit.

Elit3Nick1123d ago

Looks like it's been pulled on the PS channel, still on the Xbox channel though.

Farmassy1122d ago

Is anyone really going to play this? I feel like gamers are finally saturated with call of duty. I passed on battlefield hard line and the last call of duty. I am so tired of the same old formula. If this is coming out at the end of the year I will be playing battlefront and halo 5 instead

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yarbie10001123d ago

?? It's on the Xbox Channel also....

Dlacy13g1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

just an fyi... its also on the xbox channel...

Transistor1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Yes it is, as expected. The point is who put it up first and what represents. For example, the Xbox channel has always put it up first until now because they had the marketing agreement with Activision .

Ikki_Phoenix1122d ago

doesnt matter
ps4 will get the dlc's first

Manic20141123d ago

I don't see it on the PlayStation channel but it's been posted on the Xbox Channel.

KingKevo1123d ago

PlayStation runs multiple channels for different regions on YouTube and does not upload every trailer to every channel. It is on the sonyplaystation channel which is the PAL region (Europe, Africa, India, the Middle East and Oceania) channel:

Notice, before people speculate again: Even though the channel is meant for a specific region not every channel features every trailer and sometimes a big trailer is only on one of the many channels, but this channel is still an official main channel and as important as the US PlayStation channel. They are both equal. Just before people say stuff like "it's on the official Xbox channel, but only on a sub channel for PlayStation." It's not that.

spicelicka1123d ago

Lol i'm not a Cod fan either, but that's simply not true. It's also on xbox channel. If they do get some marketing rights, it's good for them because Sony has a weak holiday season.

isa_scout1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

I have both consoles and I fail to see how PS4 has a weaker holiday lineup compared to Xbox One. I'm super pumped for Halo 5, but nothing besides for that game comes to mind. Who knows what will be announced for both systems by then. With all the big AAA multiplats releasing around the holiday season exclusives are starting to move out into other months that aren't so crowded. TLOU on PS3 released in June, a month not typically associate with big budget releases. And BloodBorne a game that will surely be up for several awards by years end released in March. I'm glad we're seeing games moved into the summer months when it's usually pretty barren. I like barbecues and fishing as much as the next guy, but as a carpenter it'd be nice being able to come home from working in the heat all day to a quality game.

Kribwalker1122d ago

^^^ rise of the tomb raider
Forza 6
Possible gears collection
Fable legends
New confirmed rare game
And I'm sure we will have some surprises like Forza horizon did last year

Dlacy13g1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

So where is it exactly on the Playstation Youtube channel? Cause I am not seeing it here:

edit: @playstation4epic...what "other" youtube channel does Playstation have? Cause I only see the one.

RadioActiveTwinky1123d ago

It looks like they pulled it. It popped on my subscription feed at the same time as the COD one did.

RadioActiveTwinky1123d ago

Looks like they did pull it indeed. My friend was looking at it on his phone too like I did. As soon as sony pulled it, it went up on xbox channels minus the xbox water marks as is custom on all their COD vids.

For now to me it still seems like they hold it. Except now im a bit skeptical Until proven otherwise. We will see on the 26th or E3 though.

fayz1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

HAHAHA no way ms have money to secure a game like that, sony are flat out broke, that's why they are praising indie games, it's best played on xbone, only nerds care about pixel count game will look the same on both platforms, except xbone will benefit from dedicated servers thanks to its amazing strong azure cloud servers

Silly gameAr1123d ago

Still have billions=broke now in days. Maybe you guys should leave the money talk to the people that handle the money.

Ikki_Phoenix1122d ago

poor little guy...still butthurt playstation is owning the xfail one worldwide with ease and style

guess what ms can throw ALL THE MONEY they have to push the xbox brand forward but they will never surpass the playstation brand...start dealing with this and enjoy your kkk halo's and flopza's

TAURUS-5551122d ago

im glad its on PS YTchannel

but apart from that i believe many of us will pass on this COD cuz all of our time will be spent on battlefront

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GenuineGamer1123d ago

Yeah i am liking the look of this and no exo suit in sight fingers crossed it stays that way.

Seems combat will still be very fast paced though if we get bionic legs in MP but ill take that over grasshopper warfare.

GreenUp1123d ago

Third futuristic cod in a row. Third one that won't be fun in a row. Modern theme or older is the best. MW4 would be ideal for me, Vietnam or Cold War would be perfect too.

OrangePowerz1123d ago

Well second futuristic one in a row. Ghosts wasn't futuristic it was set a few years ahead.

Black Ops 2 was futuristic and a very good CoD in my opinion and Advanced Warfare wasn't bad either.

We have seen two teasers and no gameplay and from that you know it won't be fun? If you go into a game with that attitude it won't matter how the game actually is since you made already your mind up.

GreenUp1123d ago

Do you not view the trailer and see a future year and what they were talking about? Are you blind? It's going to be futuristic.

OrangePowerz1123d ago

Not blind, but I don't consider Ghosts really as a futuristic game.

StrawberryDiesel4201123d ago

Maybe he just doesn't like the futuristic setting so it kills his hype for the game. He will probably still play it but obviously won't enjoy it as much as the MW franchise.

S_C1123d ago

I wish they would go back to MW,World at war style multiplayer basic perks and killstreaks it was soo much better back then

brandonb211123d ago

does this mean the PlayStation gets the maps first since Microsoft dropped call of duty advertisement

Der_Kommandant1123d ago

Well, that looks interesting.

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