Will Black Ops 3 Have Exo Suits? Our Predictions

Gamers from all over are excited about the launch of the newest Call of Duty title, Black Ops 3. But many want to know, will Exoskeleton-style suits make a comeback in this game? We break down the possibility and predict what gamers should expect in BO3.

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raWfodog1186d ago

It doesn't appear to me that there will be Exo suits but it does seem there will be cybernetic/bionic warriors involved.

It seems to me that the same gameplay elements can still be employed in both scenarios though.

breakpad1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago ) convenient for crapctivision to reuse all the stuff they made for AW , just add new lame story , new face renders ...and there you have a new COD

wakeNbake1186d ago

Mark my words this game will have parkour ala Titanfall.

Alduin1186d ago

Unless its next-gen only I really don't see that happening. Boosting/dashing, sure, running on walls and doing acrobatics? Nahh.

spacedelete1186d ago

Alduin you do realise there was an Xbox 360 port of Titanfall right ? also Titanfall was not "next gen" if Xbox 360 could run the exact same game with less resolution.

Travis37081186d ago

Hopefully no. I just wanna run around and shoot people.
No Exo movements at all, But that's not saying I don't like AW. I just don't want it back to back.

Alduin1186d ago

Agreed. I enjoy Advanced Warfare to a degree, but I don't want to see people flying around in Black Ops 3. I'm fine with a few abilities that give you a quick dash or something, but anything beyond that is a bit too much.

fayz1186d ago

PLEASE NO we all wanted a world war 2 game but now that chance is ruined... unless they have time machines in future warfare..

but no one wants another cod with exos, flying around like monkeys, it ruined the gameplay.

Unreal011186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

No, we didn't all want a ww2 shooter, stop generalising. I actually wanted a Modern Warfare era game, but this game could be promising. And me along with a lot of other people liked Advanced Warfare.

Looking forward to seeing the full reveal for Black Ops 3 in a couple of days.

Edit: And check out that dude burza1982 below, so desperate for Cod to die haha. Please grow up, it'll probably outsell those games combined.

burza19821186d ago

Metal Gear Online, Battlefront Online...COD? Seriously? This year COD will die.

bmwfanatic1186d ago

I dont like cod but I'm pretty sure it will outsell those other games cod fan base is huge.

crazychris41241186d ago

Teaser that came out today pretty much told us its cybernetic limbs and enhancements kinda like the last deus ex game

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The story is too old to be commented.