Stuff You Need To Know About ESO: Tamriel Unlimited’s Beta

A quick brief in some general quetions people might be asking about the upcoming PS4 Beta of the Elder Scrolls Online.

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evilbart1179d ago

Anybody got a spare ps4 code? Would really appreciate it 😉

itsjustexuma1179d ago

You can still apply to get a code, I did it yesterday but it takes 3 days to get your code

evilbart1179d ago

No the beta starts today and lasts till Monday and all codes have already been sent so was hoping maybe somebody here had a spare code as I didn't get the email :-(

Toenado1179d ago

@evilbart check your pm for code.

evilbart1179d ago

Thanks atwon23 but the code says it was used anybody else spare a code Please:-)

Mulletino1179d ago

Ya me too :( played on pc beta but didn't opt in for ps4 because I didn't have one at the time. I'm excited for this game on console.

slinky1234561179d ago

Played the very very first private Beat on PC. Was not impressed and didn't like the controlling of it. Hopefully they resolved a lot of it. Also, I wanted to get in the PS4 beta, it's dumb they made it so limited.

Toenado1179d ago

I just returned to ESO after almost a year. Game has improved dramatically.

Tetsujin1179d ago

This beta is a lot better than the PC version. I know it was roughly a year ago however I do like the direction they went with this version. I'm almost tempted to buy the game now.

DanteVFenris6661179d ago

This version is the same as the PC one. Same game they just renamed it for console release and so they could advertise it as b2p.

phantomexe1179d ago

Free 2 play = bad.... If i get the beta key i'll pass it along. I took the thing they sent out a week ago.

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