Game Pre-orders are Decreasing and the UK is Leading the Charge

20% of the UK's Gamers are decreasing the amount they Pre-order games.

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Dlacy13g1124d ago

My question is this a true decline in preorder or most likely is this a big shift to digital preorders through the consoles themselves which don't get tracked?

Mikelarry1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

that's a good question i still dont understand why digital still isnt tracked you would have throught that would be easier to track No?

I really hope this is true when these AAA see this it might force them to stop with all these BS preorder crap and put it in the game. next stop microtrasnactions

Dlacy13g1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Oh it most certainly is easier to track but Companies don't want to divulge that information to these chart tracking sites. They know their digital numbers, and then they get the retail numbers...and then they report to their investors.

and an edit to my first post: They don't get tracked through external sites like NPD, Chartz, and the like.

donwel1123d ago

I just hope it is as a reaction to companies releasing half finished/broken games and not a shift to digital, personally. It's high time that gamers stopped accepting it as just another part of the industry, nowhere else would people fork over a load of cash for a broken/unfinished product and not get uppity over it.
Hell, I've not even considered buying a PS4 or Bone yet because I got burned with the technical issues I had with both my PS3 and 360 over the years. I ain't paying 300-400 quid and upwards for a system that (from experience) may not even last a year before it needs replacing.
I do have a Wii U though, after all, there's only two things that can survive a nuclear holocaust and they're cockroaches and Nintendos games systems.

UKmilitia1124d ago

broken games,over priced games,ripped off with DLC it all pushes gamers to stand back and wait and see.

for preorders they should reduce the price of the item.

Kurt Russell1123d ago

Personally, I stopped pre-ordering after the swathes of broken games.

spacedelete1123d ago

its more that most games are awful and broken its no surprise.

WellyUK1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

I doubt it as digital pre orders on consoles are a massive rip off in the UK... I think it's more down to the fact every thing is broken or hasn't been very good recently. And that it's much cheaper to buy from an Online retailer rather than through GAME.

Dynasty20211123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Trust me.

In the UK not enough people are retarded enough to buy through PSN.

Even GAME's IN-STORE prices are lower. That's a physical building, with lower prices than the PSN.

GAME? £54.99
Amazon? 46-50
PSN? £59.99+
PC/Steam version? £18-25

PSN is the dumbest pricing in gaming these days.

xX1NORM1Xx1123d ago

Xbox is exactly the same I mean I understand why they can't make digital super cheap (like it should be) but why not equal pricing its insane £60 for the STANDARD EDITION???? Completely insane

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Dark_Overlord1124d ago

I can see why, we pay a lot for games over here in the UK (RRP £59.99) and with broken ass games and scamming DLC why the hell would we pre order?

I've only pre-ordered a few things in the past god knows how many years.

MGSV Collectors Edition
Witcher 3 Collectors Edition
Bloodborne Collectors Edition
Omega Quintet Collectors Edition

funnily enough, all full games that don't strip out content to sell as DLC.

r3f1cul1124d ago

kinda jumping the gun on metal gear 5 and witcher arent you? considering they havent even released yet... just saying i thought plenty of games werent going to be shady before they came out from once loved game devs and they turned out to be more of the same bullshit ive come to loathe about games now... so just that you are basing those games alone off reputation is still a bit much for my trust level with games nowadays personally... i refuse to put any trust in any dev until they have fully and rightuflly earned it each and every game they produce each and everytime they release them PERIOD ...

Servbot411123d ago

MGSV will be fine. Sure, Konami is dead to me after firing Kojima and they will surely go bankrupt within a year, and Ground Zeroes was a complete ripoff and incredibly short, but it was fun. And fun is all that matters at the end of the day.

I almost never preorder anything, but if I were to, MGSV is a pretty safe bet. Anything else from Konami is obviously suspect.

Unreal011123d ago

Where are you getting your games from at £59.99?! I live in the UK and you can pick up most brand new games for no more that £40 at Tesco, Asda or Amazon.


Well the article is in reference to "GAME" preorders, not Tesco or Asda.

I don't think amazon would count at all because it's an online retailer.

just saying..

caseh1123d ago


Not true, Tesco and Asda tend to retail new releases at £44 minimum, no more than £48. The days where they would sometimes sell new games for low prices are gone since Blockbuster went under. They don't need to be competitive as Game is the only common high street competition and they always retail at full whack, anywhere between £49.99 and £59.99.

Dark_Overlord1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

I would never pay that, notice I did say RRP ;)

I always shop around, even on launch it's possible to pick up brand new games for £20 at times :)

r3f1cul1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

sure preorder so you can get something useles in a broken game on release that takes months to fix and then after its almost working decent, you realize there is nothing of worth there in the base game because they modeled it so that to get the full experience you have to get dlc... i can only imagine why people are pissed at this model... video games are literally the only technology that seems to have gotten worse with time... movies, tv shows, computers, cell phones... all gotten astonishingly better with the advances we've made... games seem to just be getting the shit end of the stick for whatever reason :/

Perjoss1123d ago

Pre ordering is a very foolish thing to do, why would you buy something before the reviews are up. In certain cases its ok, like a franchise that you know and love, I think we can all agree that R* would not release a game of poor quality.

But for everything else, forget it, show me the positive reviews and I will show you my money.

WellyUK1123d ago

Ye but they did... It barely worked on 360 and ps3 online and even on ps4 and xbone it had constant network problems. They also do Micro-transaction and don't get shit on for it and the games they make are extremely overrated and are barely better than the predecessors...

jimsl1ce1123d ago

The micro-transactions where currency so that they could give everyone the expansions for FREE

Edi0071123d ago

me too i stoped preordering games this gen maybe my last preorder was watch dogs, a lot of day one broken games, The best option is waiting for reviews and patch fixes.

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