Does The Witcher 3 Live up to the Hype? | Gamespot

Danny & Andy give their impression of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt after a combined twelve hours playing this exciting open world role-playing game.

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ArchangelMike1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Oh! Come! On! Look, there is no one more excited for The Witcher 3 than me. I'm reading through all the books at the moment in preparation. I know right!!!

But let the game get relesed first before we start with if it has lived up to the hype or not. The game is still a month away for goodness sake. You've played 6 hours of a 100+ hrs game, and from the 6 hrs you are going to judge the whole game against the hype that you yourselves have been fueling and generating over the last month.

How about we wait for the game to come out, complete the game, then give your thoughts on if the game lived up to the hype. All you're doing now is contributing to the hype, whether positively or negatively. I'm glad you guys at least acknowledged this.

How much do you want to bet that the first article that comes out as soon as the game launches is how "The Withcer 3 was overhyped!!!"

Game Journalism, you've gotta love it.

USMC_POLICE1152d ago

I have to agree with you and in anycase the witcher always surpasses my expectations so I am not worried in the slightest.

mikeslemonade1151d ago

Archangle Mike^

I would disagree you can get a pretty good impression on a game for six hours. Your review is not gonna change from + or - 5.

For example if you think the first 6 hours are a 9 you probably won't deviate to a 10 or a 8 after you finish the game.

Conzul1151d ago

I too am very hype. I miss Zelda type games for so long, but since I'm not that hot into Nintendo anymore this should be a great fix, since it screams Zelda for Adults.

Day One BABY!

umair_s511151d ago

I am very looking forward to Witcher 3, can't wait May 19th :D

Kidmyst1151d ago

I have not played 1 or 2, I know they tie in but does each game stand alone to where if you didn't play the previous you won't be lost? This game looks really good and I'd like to get it, but am wondering if I'll feel like things don't make sense because I didn't play the first 2.

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joab7771152d ago

I didn't know anyone played it yet?

Have we become so starved for clicks that now we are reviewing and accessing games a month before release.

I can't wait for the breakdown on this game. BB got high ratings b/c it's a masterpiece, but predicting the criticism was easy b/c of difficulty.

What about this game. It's too long, you cant choose your own character. Again, it's too hard. It's good, bit not Skyrim lol!

This game is gonna blow ppl out of the water. Click baiters are gonna hate the trouble they have trying to find legit topics.

micx1152d ago

"I didn't know anyone played it yet?"

Danny and Andy from Gamespot were playing it, hence the preview.

shec1152d ago

Yeah you're right, but it was nice to hear a couple features we didn't know about.

kbozz711152d ago

Agreed. Talk about stupid click bait. Geez

_-EDMIX-_1151d ago

My only worry is that this is their first true open world game. But if its anything like The Witcher 1 or 2 with just horses I'll be happy lol.

It doesn't need to be Elder Scrolls...most games will never be near that series, if Witcher is just like'll be fine.

I have very, very low expectations and I'm only going into Witcher 3, expecting a very Witcher experience, not a Elder Scrolls one. If it is, then holy crap poo buckets Bethesda better watch out! But if its isn't, thats ok too.

I'm very much trying not to over reach with this game. Played Witcher 1 and 2 and I'm merely hyped for 3 to be more of the same, anything different I"m just looking at as an extra.

ArchangelMike1151d ago

If those are your expectations, then you sir will be very plesantly surprised.

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hello121152d ago

I pre-puchased the game on steam too late now to go back haha i will listen to this when i can.

gangsta_red1152d ago

I played the Witcher 2 and if part 3 is anywhere near as good as 2 then yes it will live up to the hype.

The story line for Witcher 2 was seriously on some Game of Thrones level type story telling. I was very impressed.

SlapHappyJesus1151d ago

Witcher 2 is exactly what an action RPG should be. It's a solid action game, though all of the stats and complexity is still there, is deep, and is most definitely needed.

It tells a great and interesting story, all the while giving the player agency over the experience in a major way.

While it's not perfect, I hold it as a shining example of what a modern rpg should be. Too many developers water things down in order to help make it an everyone's game.

CD Projekt Red managed to make a product that more than satisfied almost anyone who played it.
Bring on Witcher 3.

Mega241152d ago

Lol, the ones who make up the hype are wondering if the game will live up to it. The irony...

chrissx1152d ago

This game will take so much hours from my life. Sigh

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