Capcom Reveals New 'Ghostbusters' Game

Capcom looks to be releasing a new Ghostbusters game on mobile platforms...that looks an awful lot like Puzzle Quest.

Also, it's called Puzzle Fighter...and it's not the Puzzle Fighter that Capcom is famous for (and would likely be more appreciated for releasing).

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Agent_00_Revan1156d ago

'Capcom looks to be releasing a new Ghostbusters game on mobile platforms...'

Stopped reading...

MasterCornholio1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

If there's something strange in your mobile phone.

Who you gonna call?

Greedy Capcom

hkgamer1156d ago

why the hell did capcom make a ghostbusters game which is a puzzle quest type game for mobile?

anyone could have made this and why ghostbusters?

TeamLeaptrade1156d ago

I agree. I think what happened was they got a license to make a Ghostbusters game and probably had little time to do it, so we got this instead. Or it could have been the studio requesting a quick game be made to advertise Ghostbusters, especially with all the news of future Ghostbuster movies on the way.

Seems odd to do a puzzle game like this though.

diesoft1156d ago

A ghostbusters puzzle game? GOD F**#%#! DAMN IT. HULK SMAAAAASH!!!!!!

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