Bloodborne's 1.03 patch tested

Digital Foundry:
Today's 2.7GB Bloodborne update (bringing it to version 1.03) improves loading times hugely over the unpatched release - but to what extent can it be felt? We put this to the test on the stock 500GB PlayStation 4 HDD to see how the update improves the experience for most players.

We also have another test to show how a cost-effective 1TB hybrid SSHD changes before and after the patch. Each of these times is measured to the exact frame the screen cuts to black, though it is worth noting there is a variance of one second to either side of our test figures.

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Genuine-User999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

Digital Foundry:

"almost every area selected via the Hunter's Dream hub now loads 5-15 seconds faster. It's a success across the game's early spots especially, but there are also areas where From Software over-delivers."

"The real game-changer is Bloodborne's improved respawn loading times. Previously players were forced to wait up to 53 seconds to revive in complex areas like Central Yharnam. But with the patch now installed, a whopping 26 seconds is cut off that loading screen after dying."

"Better than that, respawns in Old Yharnam are now 32 seconds faster, with our test taking only 21 seconds total after dying just crossing the initial bridge."

MasterCornholio998d ago


They did a great job with the patch.

dantesparda998d ago

Yeah that's nice and all, but I cared more about the framerate and frame pacing issues and that hasn't been fixed. Also, it would be nice if they let you toggle off the CA (chromatic aberration)

MCTJim998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

its an improvement but, roughly 30 seconds for a respawn load is still slow.

wakeNbake998d ago

I would have preffered artwork, but the items in loading screen are good I guess.

Sir_Simba998d ago

Yh, that wouldve been nice,

Xavior_Reigns998d ago

2.7gb? Yeah no, it was added on to from the day 1 update and the patch soon afterwards. Otherwise it would've taken me 4 hrs to get the most recent update, instead took me 20 mins. Of course if this was just after buying the game for the first time...

Eidolon998d ago

I did notice it started nearly finished(87% or something) and finished quick.

Xavior_Reigns998d ago

Yup, same with the latest Driveclub update, but I still get a disagree lol.

weirdo998d ago

best patch ever imo. i like patch reviews