Is it time for retail prices to go up?

" Are we suffocating the industry, forcing their hand? Perhaps if we were willing to accept higher box prices we’d get less sleezy cash squeezes? Is Evolve’s pricing model our fault?"

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NecotheSergal1152d ago

Not in Canada either pls.

Games already are 'Variably' getting higher prices. It barely makes any sense outside the simple 'The CAD Dollar isn't worth as much' but then it's like, then why the F are Last-gen games priced the same as before the dollar crashed? Why is it only Current-gen games that are new that are being charged $5-$10-$15 more? They gouge it like a marketing tactic of raising the price on only the popular games or the popular console-version that will sell the most while leaving the other ones lower. It's unnatural and pisses me off.

For instance:

MGS5 PP. $65 for PS3/360 but $75 for PS4/ONE? There is not god damn DIFFERENCE in game content! -_- Can anyone explain this to me or is it as I'm feeling it?

ThunderPulse1152d ago

Seriously I've bought way less new games for my PS4 than the PS3 and back then I had less money to spend. Its so stupid that we don't have the same prices anymore and the dollar shouldn't be an issue it never was in the past.

shodai1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

First off Im from canada.
Last gen, I thought games were expensive with 60$ price tags, I could afford some and for the rest of them I had to wait for them to go cheaper like say 40$ or 35$.
Now every game is 70$ minimum retail price, some are more expensive, and that doesnt even include DLC, so we can count 90$ minimum if you want all the contents, without the use of micro transcations for unlocking things, which I never use. I play the games, I dont need microtrasactions.

So basically the base game is now 70-75$ I cant even afford new games unless im certain this is one of my games of the year, I can only afford 3 like these, for the rest of it I need to go in the used games market and even the used games market saw an increase in pricing so I have to wait longer for the price to drop at what I could afford in terms of the price of 7th gen! So now, Im in a system where I play games 8 to 12months late if I thought it was a good game but not a Goty. I still havent made it to shadow of mordor. but the advantages with this system now is that there are lots of games to play, was boring at first because there was nothing, but now since Im late there are plenty to choose from. But thank god I dont like MP only based games, because I would have a huge problem with that system because a Multiplayer can die after months.

Edit: *That doesnt even include taxes, and taxes in quebec are like 15%, thats why Im dealing in the used games market now!

NecotheSergal1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

@shodai - Yeah, it's always the taxes that get you the worst, the higher the price - the more tax that's on it too course.

Ontario tax I think is 12% thankfully from where it used to have a GST and PST and it combined into HST or whatever.

It's still though by our own total cost for a $60 to go to just $67 essentially. But $75 goes to $84 total.

$84 for a game in Canada? Screw that. We went from $67 to $84 total in differences. The only games I'm buying in 2015 because of it were Bloodborne and MGS5 which I fully pre-ordered so I don't have to deal with it later.

Highlife1152d ago

Maybe if they start making full games again. Take all that dlc you strip from the game put it back in the original game and then maybe.

CryLessGameMore1151d ago

Not in anywhere we shouldn't be paying high prices for these games that are half-ass and then force you to buy DLC. The only game out there that is worth $60 right now is bloodborne

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FlameWater1152d ago

Who needs video games in Austrailia when you have some of the greatest Japanese cars for cheap

UKmilitia1152d ago

if retail prices went up we would still get charged for DLC lol.
The shops in uk have new releases from £35-49 yet digital is £55+

digital was touted as a cheaper way and savings could be passed on,yet its been respun as convienient so we pay a premium.

By your reckoning(prices higher we wouldnt get shafted after) then digial games should include all season DLC because there at least 25% more in cost in UK.

crazy thing is though that in mexico and many other counties using vpn i can get a brand new digital game for £25-30,yet in UK its at least double that.

pompombrum1152d ago

Yup, we have always got shafted though thanks to electronics tax. The Mexican VPN thing was great though, I remember being able to preorder Titanfall on PC for £22.

gamernova1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Not in US either! The model is screwed up. Incomplete and glitchy games are becoming the norm. If anything, consumers should be pickier with their money to pressure devs to produce better games that are not broken on release. *Speaking for PC*

geddesmond1152d ago

Games are way too expensive. Thats why now I'm just enjoying life and gonna buy games after they drop to 20 euros. The only games I'll pay full price for now are games I really cant wait to play like the witcher 3 and UC4

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My vote goes to cheaper digital games, without the packaging and distribution costs there's no reason why they shouldn't be cheaper. Retail is already way too pricey in certain stores, Game were charging £55 for Bloodborne and The Order at launch.

Mikefizzled1152d ago

I don't think they have the balls to bite the hand that feeds them. As nice as cheaper digital games are the actual consoles still have to be sold. Why would retailers want to stock these expensive pieces of kit when they are being purposefully undermined by the digital releases. Playing devils advocate here.

annoyedgamer1152d ago

Won't happen, digital games remain just as pricey as launch and actually remain expensive for months while physical mediums drop in price due to competition from retailers and used game sales.

That bogus about reduced distribution coasts only aids the publishers, they are far to greedy to pass the savings along.

UKmilitia1152d ago

i dont know how GAMEUK are even in business still.
preowned are 5% cheaper than new and new games are £55 instore.

i paid £32 for bloodborne and the order was £30 from online shop using codes(both on release day)

geddesmond1151d ago

Its not only those costs but retailer profit costs as well to take into consideration. Going from buyig games on online retailers verses store retailers. 70 euros in store to 55 online I'd say retailers get each game at about 40 to 45 euros.

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Septic1152d ago

Cliff Blezinski replied to this article and he stands by his stance on the digital ecosystem. I agree with him *hides behind desk*

ashen1221152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Shoot I agree with him too now make room in the desk lol

1+ vote for cheaper digital games, I never trade in my games so I'd be alright going all digital ( I do still take pride in my shelf of games though(: )

Septic1152d ago

Ha. This desk isn't made of Admantium. We're going to get killed!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1152d ago

Sony originally did this on vita. Don't know why they stopped on ps4. Digital vita games were generally 10 percent cheaper than the retail versions.

As per the question of retail going up the answer is no. If that happens more people will go digital and we'll float ever closer to an all digital future. Big games shouldn't be downloadable anyway. They take up way too much hard drive space. I wouldn't mind the handheld market going all digital but not the console space.

ChrisChambers1152d ago

I've gone all digital so far (minus initial launch) and my only complaint is pricing. Knowing I can't trade games in has made me question purchases more, which in turn has saved me money overall, but I'd still like a $10 price drop on the digital titles

DragonKnight1152d ago

As I said I would *ahem* "Shut up Cliffy B. People need to stop asking his opinion on things."

All digital has some huge problems that I'd like to see worked out before fully committing to it, but that said there is one benefit to digital I do enjoy and that's not paying $10 in taxes.

ziggurcat1152d ago

i love the fact that we don't pay GST in the PS store (alberta has no provincial sales tax, thankfully!). i've often gone digital because of this reason.

DragonKnight1152d ago

Ontario has HST, the stupid Harmonized Sales Tax that combined GST with PST to make an overall tax of 13%

If I buy a $70 physical copy, I end up paying just under $80. That's a no in my book so I've ended up buying many more digital games just to save that $10.

TeamLeaptrade1152d ago

I would gladly welcome more cheaper digital games. Makes sense to do so as well.

deadpoolio3161152d ago

It makes zero sense from a publisher stand point...They are the same price because retail stores would have a fit and stop carrying the games, plain and simple...And with the people who still go on about how much they love physical and love having a box and all that crap retail stores get their way

It will never change until companies stop caring what retail stores want...Every company except Nintendo has talked about how they think digital prices should be lower but cannot...Nintendo are the only ones who flat out said that they believe they should be the same price because your paying for the content not the box and disc

Lukejrl1152d ago

Backwards compatibility needed for me to go all digital. I don't want to buy a game and ten years later not own it cause it is not on the store anymore or the system in debuted on is no longer being updated.

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DragonKnight1152d ago

They are already $70 in Canada, and that's not even the most expensive example there is. So no, never.

Kal-V31152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

In Japan, they arent even standardized from what i see.
Bloodborne = $60
Dragon Quest Heroes= $68
FF Type-0 = $87

DragonKnight1152d ago

Yeah, Japan has never had standard prices like most of the world. That has its positives and negatives, but in the end it's Japan.

Clown_Syndr0me1152d ago

Hell no I already pay £45-50 for my games. I can hardly afford any as it is. Digital prices should certainly be hell of alot cheaper though.