Overlord: Fellowship of Evil for Xbox One, PS4, and PC Screenshots

EB: Codemasters has revealed a new Overlord game today, which is Overlord: Fellowship of Evil for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Rather than playing the hero, players will take on the role of the game’s antagonist, just like the first two entries that released for last-gen consoles.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1039d ago

Yeah literally came out of nowhere. Glad it's only $20.

Eldyraen1039d ago

I would prefer a new Overlord than this actually but I'll try to give it a chance as we find out more about it.

crazed_shadow271039d ago

Was really getting excited when I heard the rumors of the new one. Never got a chance to play the second game besides the demo, but I wasn't impressed as I was with the first one. Kind of disappointed this is a top down game rather than like the original. Hope the humor is still there and that we eventually get a full fledged Overlord game.

DougLord1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

Interesting - but I don't see how this can possibly compete with F2P Fable Legends. Wouldn't you rather be the bad guy and try to kill 4 HUMAN hero's that are trying to plunder your dungeon.

The MP here confuses me. So you team up with 4 other anti-heros to loot AI dungeons?

All I know is the Fable Legends is going to be epic and I need a release date ASAP.

Viper71039d ago

Interesting that they went for a spin-off rather than sequel, but at least they are not calling it Overlord 3 (*cough* Sacred 3 *cough*)

Hard to say anything else than that it sounds interesting, hard to say anything from the footage shown other than it was kinda lacking in comparison to many other dungeon crawlers.