AMD Explains Two Major Features of DX12 (Async Shaders & Multi-Threaded Command Buffer Recording)

AMD explained today two major features that will be included in Microsoft’s new API, DirectX 12. These two features are Async Shaders and Multi-Threaded Command Buffer Recording.

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lifeisgamesok1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Excited about more draw calls for richer scenes

it looks like these features will also help with compute

And remember Phil said full DirectX12 is coming to Xbox One :)

slasaru011062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

It's coming but depends on developers who will use it. If DX12 means no PS4 version, than Xbox One games won't see improvements. Maximum, they can generate patches like Nvidia and AMD do now for Mantle.

Which is unfortunate

Genova841062d ago

All I have to say is Gears in DX12!

bleedsoe9mm1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

i'm sorry as long as there are going to be a xb1 and pc version that will get the maximum performance , its the ps4 that is going to be left out in the cold .

Kal0psia1062d ago

I could care less if major publishers develope for it's exclusive rendering features. As long as it provides some great games I don't mind. Also, XOne will still recieve Dx12's performance efficiency, so thrid party games will improve just like PS4 with it's API.

Kiwi661062d ago

So if i understand you correctly your saying that any xbox 1 game that uses DX12 won't be any good unless its also on ps4 despite the fact that as far as i know ps4 won't use dx12, didn't know that dx12 was reliant on ps4

GenuineGamer1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Don't see why devs wouldn't use it. Easier to use and better in every way. Especially since UE4, Unity, Frostbite ect have all adopted dx12.

dx11 to GNM
dx12 to GNM

Either way it has to be coded to gnm what does it matter what version of dx it started out on.

If anything its easier seeing as gnm has more in common with dx12 than dx11.

MrSec841062d ago

Anyone saying that PS4 is going to be left out really doesn't understand it can handle all of the same multicore wide coding benefits XB1 can & PS4 is going to sell more software this generation, it's not being left behind by any 3rd party studios that make multiplats.

If a game is built using DX12 it's easier to port to GNM/X than going from DX11 to PS4's API.

Also if PS4 is the lead platform for multiplats then it's easy for developers to port that over to DX12.

If the introduction of DX12 throws up any roadblocks for Sony then they'll probably just update to a version of Vulkan, which seems likely with them being a contributing member of the Khronos group since 2005.

GenuineGamer1062d ago


Yeah but Sony wont ever go for Vulkan on ps4.

GNM & GNMX is more custom fit for ps4 hardware in particular and can easily be updated to include any such new features that Vulkan may offer in the future.

It will always be called gnm/x

mikeslemonade1062d ago

We already did a calculation based on the performance boost.

Since most games on X1 do 900p and DX12 claims to do 20% more than it only brings the X1 to 1080p. PS4 is currently at 1080p. It will only get better. You X1 gamers will be in a rude awakening when this will hardly matter.

DX12 is mainly for the PC gamer.

NUser41062d ago

You realise that currently developers HAVE to use DX11 on Xbox one right? and that doesn't stop games having a PS4 version. So why would they avoid using DX12?

PS4 and XB1 have different API libraries and neither API works on the other platform.

MrSec841062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

@GenuineGamer: When I said PS4 could get a "version of Vulkan", I literally meant in the form the API takes, like the language being changed to a similar style to Vulkan, the name isn't really important, the functionality is what I'm getting at.

@mikeslemonade: Going from 1600X900 (900p) to 1920X1080 (1080p) is a 44% difference, so a 20% performance boost isn't going to make up for the deficit in extra hardware on XB1.

PS4 features all of the same core CPU and GPU architecture as XB1, with more on the GPU side and faster memory, so the physical hardware difference will always stay the same.

As I said before PS4 can have it's CPU code spread wide in the same way as XB1, so that a single core isn't saturated, bottle necking chatter to the GPU and the addition of extra ACEs means it's much more set up for Async shader work.

The modern API approach will benefit PS4 more than XB1, because it was always designed to work that way.

mhunterjr1062d ago

I don't think developed use of dx12 would prevent a ps4 version. It just means that the ps4 port will be more challenging than the xb1 port...

But that's no different than how things are now. Current PC titles are developed with dx11 in mind, but developers still get the game running on ps4.

UltraNova1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )


There's no way a general use API like Vulkan gets to replace Ps4's lean, optimized and well known API. By then everyone will be (we already see devs being comfortable with the current one)super efficient with Sony's API, hence there will be no need for Vulkan.

I believe Sony has nothing to worry about regarding DX12 as their own API is already communicating efficiently with their system and with Team Ice they can only improve it and if need be, implement similar DX12/Vulkan features down the road.

Edit: Oh you guys beat me to it! that's what happens when you leave tabs open for a while and forget to refresh!


I believe the XB1 is already using 'part' of DX12's code...not sure though.

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StrayaKNT1062d ago

Although dx12 won't do as much as some people think it will. Any slight improvements to anything will always be welcome.

NeverHeavyMan1062d ago

It won't do very much for Xbox One. On PC, the situation will be quite different. Just the fact that the CPU and GPU will have much more, taling", going on will offer significant improvements to PC game worlds. That's why I'm on the bandwagon!

Iluvtrim1062d ago

I'm ready. Let the games begin.

Eonjay1062d ago

Asynchronous compute is gonna be big. It all comes full circle. Mark Cerny said it was the next big thing and he was right.

Kal0psia1062d ago

Asynchronous compute is a complex concept, because AMD built these APUs based on that factor for HTPCs for general gaming and entertainment (similar to current gen), but never had a specific API to fully utilize it. Now it seems with Dx12's launch no doubt full implementation because the hardware had always existed, developers just couldn't use anything for it.

XanderZane1062d ago

Greatness is coming... M$ will be showing several DX12 games at this years E3. What is shown should speak for itself. I hope they release the benchmarks for the XB1 version finally. We already know what it will do on the PC. People thinking it won't do anything for XB1 games is just silly. The XB1 was built to use DX12 and not DX11 or DX11.3. That's pretty obvious by just see how the games perform with the older APIs. DX11.3 was like a substitute teacher, waiting for the real Professor to coming in and teach the class. Phil went from saying, "DX12 won't do much." to "Developers will have to create their games from the ground up using DX12 to see the performance difference." I think these features are just the beginning. Game on.

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