The best GTA V Movie Editor videos yet

How Rockstar’s new tool is turning players into budding directors and taking machinima mainstream.

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Audiggity1180d ago

Redbull is just lazy. LOL... they just took the same videos from every other "Top 10 GTA V Movie Editor Videos" list on the web. Look for some new ones and some good ones!

Our crew is having so much fun that we aren't spending anytime processing our 500+ gameplay clips, but expect some amazing videos in the near future. For now, our initial compilation as an appetizer:

TeamLeaptrade1180d ago

I have seen a few of them before, but there was a few I've yet to see. So I'm fine with these articles as long as they don't list the same exact ones on each article.

Audiggity1180d ago

I guess I had seen each of them on different lists... man, there are some good ones trending on Rockstar Social Club.

I can't put in as much time as the Editor demands to use Director mode. One day, one day I'll take some time off and make something epic :)