Is The Xbox One A Victim Of Bad Timing And Unfair Comparisons To The PS4?

Despite their best efforts and a solid system, Microsoft has constantly lagged behind the rival PS4 system both in sales and popularity. In a recent opinion piece, the question is asked if Microsoft is the victim of bad timing in launching after the PS4 and being unfairly compared to the system and their early launch conference blunders.

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Aloy-Boyfriend852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

It is victim of Microsoft's arrogance, bad PR and decisions back in 2013. Phil has done an amazing job changing all of that, but those things I mentioned are still haunting the Bone

Garethvk852d ago

Thank you, I think that sums it up well. I prefer the PS 4 but I have wondered why the Xbox One despite doing well just seems to be stuck in second and despite their best efforts, Sony just keeps moving on.

vishmarx851d ago (Edited 851d ago )


how the hell was it not a fair fight?
did ms have a smaller budget? less capable people? less opportunities?
its the fanbase THEY made that rejected their policies.
it was their job to figure out what the people wanted.
if it was something truly special and new, they should have presented it in such a way.but making kinect mandatory which was already a pos, hardware weaker than ps4, always online , no sharing etc were their policies and i dunno how someone can be stupid enough to call them new and awesome. they could be implemented 8 years. they werent because they were anti customer garbage.
ms thought they were a mononpoly in us and do whatever the hell they wanted
sony was an a$$ like that in ps3's early year too and look what it did to console gap of 80-100 million units, brought it down to 0.
you cant seriously be suggesting that its the consumer's fault that xbox isnt doing as well as the ps4?
while phil has done good in removing those bs policies,the damage is done and ms is still ms.
360 succeeded because of the variety,simplicity and ease of development. remember how many exclusive jrpgs it was getting? yea now its ZERO . every year, and no matter how you may like it their biggest attractions are shooters and a forza. it remains mostly barren all year.people also havent forgotten how the 360 was abandoned.
xbox even without the three still lacks all 3 of those , little variety, visibly weaker(nomatter how little it matters to you)

Army_of_Darkness851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Yup. Having a bad First impression is what sabotaged the xbone and MS trying to recover from it will take a sh!tload of work.

subtenko851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Why was PS1 such a success? Cause it was Sony and it was something new that brought new ideas to what is known as "Playstation"

Why was PS2 so successful? "Playstation"

Why was PS3 successful? "Playstation"

Why is PS4 so successful? "Playstation"

Why will the Matrix be successful? "________" (You know what to put)

Why o why851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Some people forget it wasn't just about the bodged reveal... more a culmination of that, playstations better appeal, no headstart and, for me more importantly, their whole ethos last gen. Their practices. Sony were no angels but ms took the biscuit. Denying rrod until the threat of serious litigation became overbearing. ... games for the start then complacency at the end, unwillingness to create or nurture their own despite the world and their dog bragging about how cash rich they were. They then tried to switch their focus to the casuals With kinect which was detrimental to their core gamer

The comparisons to 'bankrupt' Sony who outputted far more at a for more consistent rate were bound to influence some people's decisions. The general consensus was that Ms wanted to beat the Sony console to the market so badly they rushed the 360 which lead to one of the biggest hardware failure rates in history. Ms knew releasing simultaneously was going to be tough. Ms just made more mistakes last gen than sony did and the proof is there for all to see. Some people outside fanboydom remember last gen. Some of them have given ms a wide birth for the start of this gen.

breakpad851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

while a lot of westerners dont want to admit it , the main reason of success behind every PStation is because has the support of Japan devs (as it is Japanese company)...just tell me one console in history that didnt have the japan's support and was considered success??? none.. Japan industry is known for quality products but also in games have an upper hand as they have long year experience and talent because games are a pictorial art ...X360 received a temporary support (and success)from Japan only because the lazyness of some devs (aka Capcom, etc) to develop on new engines for PS3 and inability of Sony to quickly offer them development kits for the new system (PS3 was a beast stands easily beside PS4 with no huge differences). also i dont understand the logic that Xbone is a victim ...Victim would be the people who would buy the console with obligatory DRM and Kinect survelliance ...because consumer saw the garbage -anticonsumer policies and rejected the machine -the Xbone is a victim??? ... It is like an overthrown dictatorship , not victim

mikeslemonade851d ago

MS made the wrong business decisions. They should hire me for half the salary and I'd lead them to victory.

nix851d ago

what i find really amusing is that "the online only" and "no sharing" features were out in public months before XBone came out. everyone was furious. one employee was even fired for flaming it up. but that's all MS did. they continued with it in spite of the huge opposition from the gamers.

you no listen. you no get sales.

easy peasy.

moldybread851d ago

nobody can deny the ps4 is doing extremely well but the xbox one has rebounded nicely thanks in large part to a change in management and a change in direction. all in relation to the success sony is having. what is apparent however is even though there is a shift in direction you have a very vocal group of hecklers still festering around on forums waiting to strike any chance they get. this is why the xbox one is still a victim of being the system people want to talk about in a bad way more than the wii u because it's made by microsoft. you have a group out there that is dead set on making sure the xbox one is an inferior product any chance they get. most are likely sony loyalists who have been hanging around for years. the reason is very simple, the xbox has always been a direct competitor to the playstation. that means nintendo are most often left out of the conversations and the rivalries have manifested itself more and more each generation.

this feud has really lost its direction because at the end of the day its about enjoyment the systems provide. why would i allow myself to not enjoy certain games because i want one company to succeed over the other? the public has already spoken against the policies microsoft tried to impose. this forced them to not adopt those policies. it's time to move on but like i mentioned earlier, there is a group out there with a vested interest to not move on because again it really comes down to the competitive nature some have. it's time to grow up and enjoy what you have, not try and take away other peoples enjoyment because you don't like the company.

it is also very fair and normal to compare the xbox one to the ps4. what isn't fair or rational is to suggest only one system can/should do well.

TheRedButterfly851d ago (Edited 851d ago )


Yes, the brand name has a lot to do with it (in the 7th & 8th generations), but early on PS wasn't a household name.

Why was PS1 such a success? Cause it was Sony and it was something new and because CDs were able to store much more data, lending to better graphics.

Why was PS2 so successful? Because it was also a DVD player.

Why was PS3 successful? Because it was also a BluRay player.

Why is PS4 so successful? Because MS shot themselves in the food.

Brand isn't everything - this isn't Apple we're talking about. PS is great. But you're fooling yourself if you think that a brand name sells 150+ million consoles in a single generation - especially when it is outsold by the underdog in the following generation. (Yes, whether you like it or not, the X360 outsold the PS3 - and even if it didn't, it took a HUGE chunk of the install base, which still supports the notion that Brand isn't everything.)

TheCommentator851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

@ TheRedButterfly

Why was PS1 a success? Because when Sony slapped Nintendo in the face with the Play Station by demading that they own any game designed for the SNES add on, they turned around and bought the rights to games like Final Fantasy(which Square already showed running on an N64)in order to spite the competition.

And the N64 had better graphics. The PS had better CGI.

PS suffered from widespread drive failures, forcing owners to turn their machines sideways or upside down to get them to work. The PS2's biggest failure? Disc read errors that haunted them through nearly an entire generation. Sony knew they were putting crap drives into it too, which is why they designed the machine to stand up. That way, the machine didn't have to lean on your TV like the PS1 when it failed.

MS is not the only company who is arrogant. Ken Kutaragi said it didn't matter how much PS3 cost, it would sell because it was a Playstation. The difference is that Sony has already learned from their mistakes.

avengers1978850d ago

@redbutterfly no the 360 did not outsell the PS3... The PS3 is slightly ahead of 360 in sales worldwide, currently the PS3 doubles 360 sales every month, and the winner last gen was the Wii, witch took a chunk of Playstations market share, as did 360. 360 also sold a lot of units due to RROD rebuys and a slew of collectors edition consoles(everyone I know had at least 2 360's.. Making a fan base of around 40 million seem like it was a fan base of around 80 million)

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n4rc852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

care to elaborate?

the only reason it still haunts them is you guys constantly bring it up like you are on commission lol..

you said yourself its all changed... so why does it still haunt them?

edit... better how? you mean had a conference where an entire group of people didnt go into attack mode? wasnt going to happen.. preorders sold out after e3, i know because it took me 3 days to find a retailer to get one... then the relentless attacks from fanboys and the campaign to lie and discredit started... and it worked

xbox was going to be something different... but these people all demanded changes to take away what made it different then didnt buy it anyways..

point is.. ps4 may still have come out far ahead, but it wasnt a fair fight...

Garethvk852d ago

They have spent huge amounts and still remain far behind the PS4 despite their best efforts in terms of sales and popularity. I would say that if they had a better reveal events and not mangled their first E3 and other events, then they would not be as bad off as they are now.

stuna1852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

Because it never should have happened in the first place! Microsoft had their loyal fanbase, and they have been open to a lot of things over the years, but looking back when do people look at something no longer being fun/enjoyable? Microsoft were effectively going to change that fun/enjoyable moment into a chore!

Sure it's open to debate how far things may have went, but one things that's for certain! The majority of gamers weren't on board with Microsoft's plans, and it's showing now. Another thing to ponder is without the change in leadership and ultimately their change in plan, the Xbox1 as we know it now would be a dead stick in the water!


So you believe fanboys spreading lies is the reason the Xbox1 is behind the PS4?? With Microsoft touting a 84 to 85 million Xbox 360 fanbase supposedly! Exactly what has prevented the Xbox's own loyal fanbase from supporting the Xbox1!? Forget everyone else.

n4rc852d ago

who said they didnt? my entire friends list has now switched over.. and what kind of logic is that? ps3 had the same fanbase, why hasnt ps4 sold 80m?

you cant honestly tell me the smear campaign didnt have an effect on general perception. every single video online, every single forum and comment section...

the loyal fanbases are so tiny both companies would quickly fold if thats all they had... the casual consumer is what makes or breaks a product and they are easily influenced.

and stop saying the majority of gamers.. thats just so wrong im not even going to bother lol

stuna1852d ago

Almost 22 million gamers on the PS4 caompared to 11 million on Xbox1 is a stark contrast to who's getting the support! This is is only 16 months since release.

Truthfully I don't know if you watched the unveiling of both consoles, but I did and I know what I saw. There were huge differences as far as response wise from not only the crowds present at both unveilings, but immediately afterwards. On these boards at gaming store worldwide. It definitely hit home at Microsoft homebase! Why else were so many changes made, that supposedly couldn't be made made so quickly? Why fix something that technically isn't broken!? Because gaming in general were speaking out about not buying or supporting thhe Xbox1.

The issue I have is people are still walking around today with their heads still in the sand, as if this never happened and that it doesn't share a direct link to where the Xbox1 is today.

Foehammer852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

Xbox has never been a victim

Do ppl think that Sony is lying when they publish the fact that they are in 123 Countries on their own site?

Paragraph 5:

If a product in 42 Countries sells the same as a product in 123 Countries then something has gone very wrong.

To say nothing of anti-American sentiment in the world.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen852d ago

E3 2013 isn't the Xbox One's problem at the moment. I believe that the console needs to do three things:
1. Diversify it's library of games
2. Develop more exclusive content that will entice gamers to buy the console year round, not just for the holidays
3. Overcome the perception that it's an extremely weak gaming machine

In my opinion, the Xbox One needs to add more exclusive content so that it can compete with it's main competition year round and that will only happen when Microsoft decides to take risks by developing new IPs.

XelaKNight851d ago

See this is what I hate. These consoles have differences but they are similar in various ways. Who cares anymore? Honestly if you like PS4 great I think the ps4 is awesome I love the console. If you like the xbox one then thats fine too. I love both consoles.

Eonjay851d ago

No I think in retrospect, Microsoft realizes that you can't nonchalantly telly ure fanbase to suck it up, unilaterally kill physical industry, lauch more expensive, have a less powerful system and underestimate your competition.

The Xbox 360 was only as successful as it was because Sony made similar arrogant decisions with the PS3.

Or you can just face the reality that Sony translated their message more effectively.

Either way, you have to congratulate consumers for supporting the industry no matter what side you support.

AngelicIceDiamond851d ago

Point 1: @N4rC Not a fair fight? MS did that to themselves. If they would of at least paid attention when that whole Adam Orth thing went down that March they wouldn't be in a deep whole at the reveal.

"you said yourself its all changed... so why does it still haunt them?"

Well the sales for one. As soon as everyone picked up a PS4 the world just seems to be wanna stick with that. The truth is when consoles get revealed, especially at the same time, minus the fanboys people are usual a fair 50 50.

Its who ever has the better offering and overall better appeal. PS4 simply had a better appeal after the screw ups MS did.

Point 2: Think about it, Adam Orth deal with it happens. MS evaluates the backlash. Makes adjustments 2 months prior to policies we have now.

Or better yet MS should of released a survey telling us about those policies or hinting at those potential policies months prior. But then again we were dealing with a very different MS back then.

But at the end of the day MS did it to themselves. If all that never happen I believe Sony would be at 23 mill while MS would be at 20 mill.

The only thing people would complain about is that price on X1.

kayoss851d ago

Once the juggernaut start moving nothing on earth can stop it.

Chevalier851d ago

"ps3 had the same fanbase, why hasnt ps4 sold 80m?"

Uh... Wtf? The Xbox 360 Also has 80 million sold how come your not also asking why the biggest American primary audience hasn't switched over to Xbone yet?!

"To say nothing of anti-American sentiment in the world."

How is it KFC, McDonald's, Coke and IPhone and a bunch of other American products universally popular and now it's anti-American sentiment that's the problem?

KwietStorm851d ago

Pre-orders for new video games consoles are always sold out. Don't know where you've been for the last 20 years. It was entirely fair. As others have already said, nobody but Microsoft dug their own grave, and now the onus is on Phil and the team to dig themselves out. Microsoft could not possibly have made a worse impression with the onset of the generation. So to sit here and act as if they were thrown in the ring defenseless, or were cheated somehow, is just..stupid. "Different" doesn't mean better, and it was the fact that these different policies were being forced upon the same people who supported Xbox for years, that changed everything. It didn't help that Matrick was the epitome of a tool either.

johndoe11211851d ago


WOW!!!! Did you just pull the "anti american" card as a reason for the xbox one's failure to sell ps4 numbers worldwide?? How hypocritical and delusional can one get???

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lifeisgamesok852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

This. I was just talking to someone the other day who thought the Xbox One still had online check ins to be able to play when you wanted

It should be selling better than it is given how great the Xbox One truly is

ThinkThink852d ago

It's not a victim of anything. It's tracking better than the 360 which was hugely successful.

AngelicIceDiamond851d ago

@Kurt Nothing but agrees here. That horrendous reveal and policies are still in the nightmares of MS and are still paying for it in some cases.

Maddens Raiders851d ago

The XBoX1 just needs to sit back and take it, like the PS3 took it back in the day. Except this time, there won't be a happy ending...unfortunately.

MasterBaker851d ago

No happy ending? You never really know, but it won't be easy to make a comback and I don't mean that they will comback and sell more consoles than the ps4. I'm just saying that maybe it won't be outsold 2:1. They'll need to pull off a couple miracles, but maybe you're right. We'll see.