It's official: Daniel Radcliffe really will star in GTA movie

The rumours were true -- Daniel Radcliffe really is going to star in the BBC's Grand Theft Auto documentary.

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Adrian_v011155d ago

Why should a spell exist meant to kill hookers if there is already Avada Kedavra which kills everyone. Your comment makes no sense.

rainslacker1154d ago

The hooker specific spell makes them drop their money when they die.

Rachel_Alucard1155d ago

I can't wait for the scene where Harry, Ron, and Hermonie rob the gringotts bank and the ministry of magic police wizards try to chase them all on broomsticks only to lose them due to a Broom'n'Zoom stop.

nidhogg1155d ago

All I can think of is that scene in Chamber of Secrets where Harry and Ron just HAD to follow that GODDAMN TRAIN!

gedapeleda1155d ago

With that imagination you should direct the movie :D

chrissx1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

Car Stealeando! Plane-ish flyrish!

Chard1155d ago

Hey Cousin! Wanna play Quidditch?

contradictory1155d ago

*murders civilians*

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The story is too old to be commented.