Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, medic Sergio Canavero will appear in an Italian TV show

Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero will show the complaint to Hideo Kojima and Konami for the unauthorized use of his image and his theories about head transplaint in an Italian TV program.

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TheOneWhoIsTornApart1183d ago

This is getting way out of hand. This is a clusterf**k.

bunt-custardly1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

This is getting way out of head. This is a clusterf**k.


So all bald doctors of a certain age who wear round rimmed glasses have a case against Konami now?

No wonder Kojima is laughing.

However, Sergio is obviously using this to publicize his own activities in some weird publicity switcheroo.

deadpoolio3161183d ago

Why would Kojima be laughing...He clearly has stated he is going to be suing Konami AND Kojima

Baka-akaB1183d ago

Why would he be laughing ? Because the case will amount to little if he can prove that indeed its based on the likeness of an existing and paid actor instead .

And he can't really prevent anyone from conjuring up a story about current news like an head transplant

bunt-custardly1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

deadpoolio316 you didn't see the tweet of the headless Big Boss clone army then?

fashionst1183d ago

I'm starting to think that the good doctor misheard "hand" for "head".
He won't win, unfortunately.

Kurylo3d1183d ago

his likeness maybe (and thats a stretch since it doesnt look exactly like him..), but his theories? its a video game.. u can pull ideas from anywhere to write a story. Not like they stealing his work in the field lol..

Gatsu1183d ago

Yeah...except there is no confirmation of head transplantation appearing at all in TPP. Which is why this is so stupid lol.

Kurylo3d1183d ago

yea well technically they already did it in mgs4

Joe9131183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Exactly they would have to be trying to publish his work as their own for him to have a case if anything if this is real they are advertising his work. That is why I think this is fake he would know this. What they are doing is freedom of speech you can talk about anyone work as long as you don't try to take credit for it.

I at first thought him leaving Konami was real but now that they are going this far if this is fake then no way he is leaving.

boodi1183d ago

lol kojima is cathing many with their pants down (imo)
good work kojima
as always.

FeliceDiGi1183d ago

This is not going to end well...

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