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spoonard1065d ago

Nothing short of awesome!

NecotheSergal1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Average opinion surrounding this game is 'enraged 'fans''. So if you like this game by any means, or think it might be interesting. You'll be heavily disagreed with for having a different opinion of a game that neither you nor the whiners have played yet.

As such, you'll be attacked for looking forward to a game that might have potential, but it is opposite of the Hate-train path.

Myself, I'll hold my judgement like a mature gamer and wait to see how the game shapes up when it launches before I condemn or praise or think 'meh' of it. Everyone else outside of my own kind has already made up their minds simply by this trailer and the teaser alone....Pretty sad if you ask me.

barb_wire1065d ago

So, isometric Gauntlet, sprinked with Diablo and Torchlight..

Would've prefered a proper 'Overlord III' but maybe this game (if successful) will lead to that.

Eldyraen1065d ago

I would almost liken it more towards the Lara Croft top down games than the bigger ones you mentioned. It has potential but didn't look near as good as Diablo/Torchlight imo.

I was actually really excited till they showed gameplay as was hoping for more of the original design. I enjoy some games like this though so could be worth a shot still.

NecotheSergal1065d ago

I think they're trying to broaden their IP, they think it has potential to sell - but it hasn't really sold well.

It has a mild cult following of those who enjoy Overlord 1 and 2's genre and style. Just, it doesn't sell. So by dipping their feet in another genre it may help attract more audiences.

Even so with such business/marketing logic in mind, Extremist-fans who know only how to hate apparently will judge the game at the get-go rather than give it a chance, the game has been at majority (By the hardcore) been condemned for 'not being the same'. Even though the sales really make it so it's difficult for it to keep going at the path it was going at.

ONESHOTV21064d ago

yeah they changed it up a bit too much from PT1 AND PT 2

rdgneoz31065d ago

Minions made the past games :( Loved my little army on wolfback pillaging the country side and clubbing baby seals ...

SudoNimh1065d ago

Gnarl has stated he is sending his Minions to assist these champions, but I agree. The minions did make the series.

Gamer19821065d ago

Agreed i'm not saying this game won't be good but why call it overlord?? It has jack all to do with previous games you don't control minions which was the whole point and why you was called overlord. This is called using an IP to sell what looks like an indie game. Codemasters have fallen so much over the years.. Does anybody else like me just want a new micro machines with 100s of cars to collect like the ps1 game?? That was so much fun trying to get all those cars.

Problem with gaming these days is they would probably charge you for all the cars as added dlc :(

MilkMan1065d ago

MAN! A current gen Overlord WITH minions and a new control scheme. Sign me up for that!
This gauntlet clone. NOPE!

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Der_Kommandant1065d ago

Did anyone ask for this?

Everyone wanted Overlord 3 and we get this cheap multiplayer cash-in?

Shame on you Codemasters.

Lighter91065d ago

I'd rather have a Dungeon Keeper 3.

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