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Genuine-User1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

This looks really good!
Gameplay overview trailers are my favourite.

Abash1183d ago

I love the third person brawling combat as well as the car combat, it's just my kind of game. I can't wait to play the hell out of it on my PS4

Genuine-User1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Yep. Even the first person view inside Max's car looked good.
What I find most impressive is the character animation, explosion effects and car physics.

Avalanche Studios:

"We have been focused on pushing what we can do on the PlayStation 4."

"we are continuing to push the fidelity of The Wasteland and squeeze as much content and immersion out of the PlayStation 4 hardware as possible."

This trailer has, for the lack of a better term, next-gen written all over it.

Thehyph1183d ago

Definitely looks awesome. I need this game almost as much as I need Just Cause 3. Avalanche is a pretty solid studio from my little experience with them. (JC2 and Renegade Ops)

Septic1183d ago

Hell yeah! Interstate 82 meets Vigilante 8 meets some third person shenanigans. I want!

Looks really good visually as well.

himdeel1183d ago

This is on my radar now. Great trailer! I finally feel like i know what this game is about.

aCasualGamer1183d ago

Gameplay overviews are the best, agree with Genuine-User.

There's something untouchable by the truth of a gameplay overview, they're just simply showing off the game and letting us know the mechanics and what not of the game and what it's about.

The CGI teasers and other BS some developers choose to show their games through, doesn't appeal to me.

Day one purchase btw.

bleedsoe9mm1183d ago

i hope we get a shadow of mordor like surprise with this game that trailer looked really good .

Raider691183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

I hope to see that fighting moves and especially the way Max moves in Just Cause 3!One of the problem s of Just Cause was always the stiff move of the Carácter! Wow brutal!

freshslicepizza1183d ago

looks very good, right up my alley. i was disappointed in rage, this looks much better.

starchild1183d ago

Oh hell yes! This looks amazing. Everything I was hoping this game would be.

UltraNova1182d ago

Wow if Rage, Batman and Uncharted had a child it would be Mad Max!

Looks awesome, on my radar for sure!

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antz11041183d ago

Young Joel hits the Thunderdome!!!

lelo2play1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Nice. I like what I saw. Combat looks to have some similarities from Batman, witch is a good thing. Open world, cars, races, explosions, shooting, combat... looks good.

I'm hyped.

bloop1183d ago

Shadow of Mordor in the Mad Max universe. I'm sold!!!

himdeel1183d ago

Nemesis system please, gimme more of that!

frostypants1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

No way can this be g...holy crap, this looks kind of awesome.

Crazyglues1183d ago

Wow really really good..

For a Movie Game this is amazing.....

Malice-Flare1183d ago

look at all the micro-transaction possibilities at WB's disposal on the game...

the MKX backlash isn't enough to deter them yet...

jc121183d ago

Looks pretty damn intense.

XanderZane1183d ago

Yeah, I do like where this game is heading. The movie also looks like it will be good. I'm going to have to pre-order this next week. Seems like it's going to be a long game with a lot of content. I look forward to more information.

3-4-51183d ago

Better than I was expecting.

UKmilitia1183d ago

when i first seen this ages ago i brushed it off instantly but i seeing htis makes me change my mind.

look alot of damn fun!!

is it ps4 only or multiplat?

BallsEye1182d ago

Looks amazing! Oh man wish it would have 2 player co-op :( would be awesome to have second player on back of the car instead of that NPC. Ahh, Road Rush!! For those younger around here:

NerdStalker1182d ago

Looks awesome can't wait to play it on the ps4 where it will be the top place to play this game.

Automatic791182d ago

I have to admit this is the type of game I have been looking to play. Post apacolyptic setting, one man against a whole army story for survival wow WB has a hit game most importantly its not tied to the new movie.

fiveby91182d ago

Put me down as interested in both the remake of the movie and this game. I'll have to decide if I go with PC or PS4 version....

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Mikefizzled1183d ago

Wasn't on my radar after all of the delays. This definitely blipped. Shame it releases same day as Phantom Pain.

Godmars2901183d ago

I might just get this over Phantom Pain.

Adexus1183d ago

I'm actually doing the same, going to wait a couple of weeks for Phantom Pain to release on PC and going to play this when it comes out.

Mikey Mike1183d ago

I am.... Metal Gear is always in the bargain bin after three months...

DEEBO1183d ago


If anything trade in some games or something but to skip Metal Gear really?

September just got a little bit better.

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ravens521183d ago

Whooooooa what's up with all the mgs hate... Mad Max over MGSV !?!? Come on now that's just foolish. MGS is in a league of its own. With that said Mad Max looks good. I'd get it in addition to MGS. MGS first and foremost,for me atleast. To each his own i guess.

Godmars2901183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Not hate. Just was done with the series with MGS4. Max also looks more straight forward. The Fallout game on wheels minus actual mutants and monsters that Carmack's game was suppose to be.

People really need to stop assuming that not interested in a title, especially a sequel or continuation of a franchise means that someone hates it.

Aside for FF. Eff FF and the graphics over all direction its taken.

FreakOrama1183d ago

This looks kind of awesome actually, wasn't expecting much, but real nice =3

JMaine5181183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

This game looks sick!!! Combat driving with the fighting mechanics similar to the Arkham games. That sounds like a recipe for a great game to me.

Forn1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Hmm, is anyone else getting the feeling that it looks stiff and a bit boring? Not trolling, just was hoping to be excited for it and that doesn't seem to be the case after seeing that footage. Mad Max Fury Road on the other hand :-D

-Foxtrot1183d ago

Fury Road doesn't even look like a Mad Max film. If it didn't have the name in the title you wouldn't know

spicelicka1183d ago

Umm no i feel it looks exactly like a mad max movie, well a lot like Mad max 2. It's just the trailers are over the top giving away every action scene in the movie.

Scatpants1183d ago

It looks exactly like a Mad Max film.

-Foxtrot1183d ago

It really doesn't

Nothing else I can say on the subject. But if you do think that then I think you've forgotten what a Mad Max film looks like.

Looks like typical Hollywood stuff.

Patrick_pk441183d ago

Clearly Fury Road is not a Mad Max movie, as Foxtrot knows what a real Mad Max movie is more then George Miller /s

-Foxtrot1183d ago

The original director doesn't mean shit

Lots of directors go back to old films and they aren't the's not them it's just the way Hollywood has changed and the fact they think they need to go another way to grab a bigger audience. The gaming industry does this all the time

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