PS4 Price Slashed to £290 Following Xbox One Discount

UK retailers have begun selling the PlayStation 4 for an all-time low price of £290, a little more than a week after Microsoft discounted the Xbox One RRP to £300.

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ArchangelMike852d ago

It's a good time to get a PS4 :)

leogets852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

Yeah i might get another one lol 2 ps4s is better than 1

Hoffmann851d ago

I hope the Ni No Kuni 2 rumors are true.

Eonjay851d ago

Still more than we pay in the States. But the price has almost reached parity.

PhoenixUp851d ago

Dang Sony is making sure Microsoft never dominates that region ever again

PraxxtorCruel851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Might be the case for this generation but why does everyone make it out to be like it's over for Microsoft and XBOX? I imagine this gen will last until 2020. Then what will happen next-gen?

subtenko851d ago

Lol this is what I've been waiting to happen. I never understood how come they didn't play oddball and drop the ps4 price when the xbox one did. Would be a B***slap in M$ face! XD

But yea I dont recall any companys doing that tactic, I wonder why, anyone have any idea? I kno Sony didnt care and wanted the profit tho.

Bathyj851d ago

Did you mean hardball?

Anyway, you answered your own question. They have the marketshare. MS is never going to catch them this gen. But it's important for them to be profitable not just sell the most consoles since Sony as a whole is relying on PlayStation more than they've ever done in it's history.

subtenko851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

True, its pretty amazing!

edit: also thanks for the correction,haha

Nirvana31591851d ago

Jeez Sony you've already won this is just overkill

ThePope851d ago

Folks many of you may not be vary business savvy and that's ok, so I'll help you out. Never in the history of the world would a company drop the price on a product that is selling (WE PRESUME) in far excess of its direct competition.

SO the only likely explanation is that Sony is seeing sales slow and sales of the X1 pick up speed. If this wasn't the case Sony would have no reason what so ever to drop the price this much.

Now for those seeing red right now I'm not saying that the X1 is selling better but may have taken so,e momentum away from the PS4.

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