Learn of Project CARS’ Career Mode

t feels like Slightly Mad Studios has been hyping up Project CARS for years now, but finally the racer will be released in a couple short weeks. To tide yourself over until drooling over car porn, Bandai Namco has released a new trailer showing off the career mode in a very fashionable manner.

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amnalehu1152d ago ShowReplies(1)
Dlacy13g1152d ago

So the interesting thing here is we have another youtube video that has a 1080p 60fps setting. I am now wondering if the devs/publishers of games are just submitting their videos to Xbox at 1080p 60fps and Xbox is just uploading with out realizing / caring to check them compared to what their game spec is? The same thing happened with the Witcher 3 the other day and MS posted an apology for it.

I mean We know the dev on project cars said it was 900p 60fps unless something has changed prior to launch?

jonivtec1152d ago

People should just give up on 1080/60 on Xbox one.Its not gonna happen exept for really simple not intensive game.900p is fine just take it or buy a pc.

assassin2k1152d ago

I do hope the career has the longevity of games like GT. I mean I quite like playing racing games online for the real opponents but with so much content it would be a miss if the career doesn't have a decent length

amnalehu1152d ago

@kudostoyou, I know its not at 1080p/60FPS. The point is they need to stop posting the PC version of the game running at or near ultra settings with the XB1 logo branded in the video. It's gross a misrepresentation of the XB1 version of the game. I am certain it will be lovely at 720 or 900p/60FPS. At the very least they should say "not actual XB1 gameplay footage."