When DLC Goes Too Far: Mortal Kombat X for Modern Platforms

Carl Williams writes, "Mortal Kombat X has just launched for Playstation, Xbox and Windows platforms. So far, reviews are quite mixed and only getting worse. One of the biggest concerns over Mortal Kombat X is the downloadable content (DLC) that is available on the first day of release, no grace period on this one. One piece of DLC in particular, that seemingly only effects the console versions, is causing a bit of uproar that just might squelch the outcry over the brutal graphicness of Mortal Kombat X."

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Hoffmann1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Yup..the game itself is great, no question..but Warner Bros is totally overdoing it with all their dlc, season pass /dlc /microtransactions /costumes strategies + costumes only unlockable via wb account + mobile apps.

That a good portion of the content is only available online (Living Towers, some of the unlockable costumes) is also questionable I think.

I bought MKX ..pre-ordered it because I wanted Goro and while the game is good I am regreting it because I supported their strategy.

MKX was the last game I ever pre-ordered. I might stick mainly to GOTY versions now even if it means waiting 9-18 months.

I won't buy Batman Arkham Knight before 2016 when a goty version arrives and the same goes for Injustice 2 if they make it.

Yi-Long1127d ago

The only answer to these practices is very simple: Vote. With. Your. Wallet.

Just be a little bit patient, don't be such releases on day 1, and IF you're still interested in the game 8-12 months from now, you can often pick it up at a fraction of the price.

It sends a message to the developers/publishers, and you get way more value for money, instead of feeling ripped off.

And obviously, when a developer/publisher DOES do it right: Support them, and spread the good word. Cities Skylines for example. Or The Witcher 3.

sinjonezp1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

My thing is, what can we attribute to such business practices? Could it be the extent of the budget? Could it be The piracy issues? Could it be the fact that a lot of people bought into dlc; showing that when companies do sales figures of dlc, customers are willing to spend and it's now it's millions of dollars of extra revenue for big gaming companies? Which in turn could simply be greed? I cannot wait till the fad or trend of dlc becomes "tacky" and companies start to come out and say, we will give you all the content day one or every dlc will be free with the purchase of our game. While I hope for such changes, I doubt it, because gamers still shell out millions for dlc. As above, if gamers stop buying games day one and stop supporting dlc, the practice won't change . People out there with money think it's okay but the average joe gamer who puts down 60 bucks would love a complet experience. Like we say. Vote with your dollars and stop the support of ridiculous dlc practices.

Yi-Long1127d ago

Oh, I'm sure DLC makes them millions of dollars, but I'm NOT sure if it weighs up to the people refusing to support the DLC and the game that abuses it, meaning they'll refuse to pay full price for the game on launch.

Perhaps one of the results of that has been that games drop much faster in price these days than they did 10-15 years ago.

I have never supported DLC-milking, and although there has been SOME DLC which was actually EXTRA content and good value for money (The GTA4 Episodes, The DLC for the first 2 Trials games on 360, etc etc), most of it just seems either content that always should have beeen included in the first place, or just lazy afterthoughts of mediocre content to just milk it a little bit more.

These last 6-8 years ofzo, there's hardly been ANY games that I've picked up at full price, because of pre-release announced DLC, and as a result I picked up great games like Assassin's Creed 2, Forza 3, Fallout 3, and many more, only when they had a 'complete' edition, and it was in the bargain-bin for 10-15 euro.

They tried to nickel-and-dime me into getting more of my money, and as a result they have received FAR less. Instead of getting 60 euro out of me, or 80-90 euro if you would include the DLC, they only get 15-20 euro out of me. Tops.

I have no problem paying full price for a game. I do have a problem when 5 seconds after launch there is already DLC-content thrown in my face in the store for that same game I just spent 50-60 euro on.

So I'm a patient gamer, and I'm a happy gamer, cause I can wait for a game to get a complete release and hit a price I'm comfortable with. And in the end, I simply get much more value for money, and I'm also able to buy more games.

Griever1127d ago

This was always bound to happen. Many objected when DLC practices were launched last gen but they said it was all in good faith to extend the life of games. Then the new excuse was to recover the spiraling costs of development. Now it has become a means of extra revenue by cutting content. It is a very slippery slope; one thing led to another and now we are trapped in microtransactions today. If people buy this crap then it will stick around to exploit us. However, if we protest and vote with our wallets then such practices will fail and fade away.

remixx1161127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Which is why I show love to devs that just give us the goods with no strings attached. The witcher 3 will be the next game I get and I show bloodborne mad love because I feel like I bought a complete game, no preorder dlc, no season pass, no announcements of dlc before launch, no micro transactions. It just feels like how gaming used to be and it also shows the bs alot of devs shove down your throat.

Perjoss1127d ago

Vote with your wallets, pass on all the DLC or even better don't even buy games that do this kind of thing, and then feel proud that you helped get rid of this kind of nonsense.

KryptoniteTail1127d ago

Keep your game. I won't support this.

iTechHeads1127d ago

You do know you can still buy the game and not buy the DLC right? But hey, you would only do that if you were interested in the game in the first place.

(Story mode is pretty cool. I suggest you buy it for that at the very least. When it's on sale if you are broke.)

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