PlayStation Now is Lagging Behind Its Promise, but only a little bit - Beta Impressions MGL

Impressions of the PS Now Beta in the UK and how the small lag is providing a big challenge but it certainly has some potential.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1182d ago

Bring the Jak trilogy AND Jak X and I'll buy into it.

Spinal1181d ago

PS Now beta for me is perfectly fine (UK). I was pleasantly surprised how responsive it was an i wasn't getting any delays. Mind you I use my PS4 on wifi so its not hard wired.

I get about 12-23mb download, 4-9 mb upload on the ps4.

The game selection in the beta however is pretty piss poor so im not playin it at all now. Compared to the 100+ games on the PS now US store I would prefer to be testing God of War an Uncharted.

rosscoffx1181d ago

Yeah i agree, there are a few good games but you want to test it on the big ones like Uncharted and such. Told Sony that in the feedback!

mkis0071182d ago

The biggest problem for me is the compression required to make the game reaponsive...way too much tearing and fuzziness on a 15 mbps connection. Google will eventually force speeds up and prices down, but the wait continues. Still new tech and it isnt being forced. Sony is not about to force it until it is truly ready...they cant afford it to be a cause of playstations demise.

Scatpants1181d ago

Yeah 15 might not be good. It works flawlessly on my 60 mbps connection

rosscoffx1181d ago

Looks the faster the better and of course you location too. On fiber distance is less of an issue of course but it's still good for a Beta but for the game selection.

Kurisu1181d ago

Is PS Now still in Beta in the states? Or has it launched over there?

CernaML1181d ago

Officially launched in US.

Kurisu1181d ago

Ah ok, thanks. Hopefully they will announce a full EU launch around E3 time.