Bloodborne's new loading screens are a godsend

Dealspwn: Hunter's gather! Bloodborne is now even better thanks to today's 1.03 patch. Despite it being all sunny outside, I was tasked with stapling the curtains shut and checking out the new patch's performance. A surprisingly large 2.75GB download later and I was able to do just that. What I found not only improved the game, but made failure that little bit easier to bear.

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Blues Cowboy1064d ago

Nice new info. Knew the patch was coming but all the extra stuff is good to know. Interesting to see if they've patched that boss exploit/memory leak thing.

bggriffiths1064d ago

I'm too stingy with my electric bill to leave my PS4 on for 12 hours to test if the boss glitch has been fixed. Guess if people wanted to cheat, they could always delete the game data and not download any patches when they play next time. Or, yanno, play the thing properly - with blood tears running down your face and the DS4 in pieces out the window.

Blues Cowboy1064d ago

Heh, Bloodborne sure is tough. Never ragequit though, not like that those damned ghosts in Dark Souls!

UltraNova1064d ago

I think I'll never ragequit like I did with Demon's Souls ever again, BB included!

Perjoss1064d ago

There's really no reason to cheat, you can always get help from other hunters by ringing the co-op bell. I'm doing my first play through entirely solo, but its fun to stand outside a boss room, ring the bell and help others.

KilKarazy1064d ago

Unless you don't have PS Plus

TheImprobableMulk1064d ago

Am fairly surprised From Software didn't have item blurb in the loading screens already tbh, especially as Dark Souls I + II had those types of screens.

Still, glad to see they're making the overall experience better with these patches.

bggriffiths1064d ago

Yeah, I like reading more about the lore as it's really buried in the game itself. Fingers crossed there are plenty of unique screens as it'd be sad if a select few just loop over. Feel free to taunt me with gear I don't have yet so I can track it down. then be sad because my Arcane rating is pants and I can't use it.

DragonKnight1063d ago

I preferred Demon's Souls impressive character art loading screens.

MasterCornholio1064d ago

Much better than the black screen that they had before.

ninsigma1064d ago

When they reduce the loading times in the next patch, people will probably complain they don't have enough time to read them xD

Nice addition though!! Just waiting on the guide to get back into it.

freshslicepizza1064d ago

17 seconds is a hell of a lot better than 40 seconds. especially in a game like this where dying can occur quite often. at one end of the spectrum you have complainers who will complain about everything then on the other end you have apologists who keep saying it's no big deal. the new update sits right in the middle.

ninsigma1064d ago

Not saying the loading times are good or anything but I honestly didn't mind it most of the time. Of course there were those times when i was stuck i just wanted to get straight back in and i was like "come on!" But for the most part it didn't bother me.

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The story is too old to be commented.