Here's the Best PS4 Deal We've Ever Seen By Far

If you still haven't picked up a PS4, Dell is offering an unbelievable bundle right now.

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XboxDD913d ago

That's some good value, but still a bit too much. I wouldn't call it a killer deal.

CernaML912d ago

You're out of your mind. This deal is amazing.

Toiletsteak912d ago

Did you even read what you get the deal is awesome.

JMyers912d ago

Nice troll attempt. Everyone knows this is a stellar deal.

hades07912d ago

Awesome deal. I live in Canada so I have to check and see if Dell.Ca has a similar offer, if so I may become a PS4 owner today.

Magicite912d ago

@XboxDD - because it doesnt include free xbox one?

XboxDD912d ago

No, there were just better Xbox deals.
Nhf, I'm a bit struck by all the downvotes.

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DougLord912d ago

I think I might buy this.

traumadisaster912d ago

I want one for drivclub, TLOS, and uncharted but my friggin PC is covering multiplats so well I'm shocked I haven't picked one up yet. Things are really changing for me, I've never waited this long for a playstation. My 4kpc really has me smitten right now.