DICE Has Even More Riding on Star Wars Battlefront Than I Thought

The criticism being leveled at Battlefront is a reminder that DICE and EA are unlikely to get the benefit of the doubt from fans anytime soon.

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Koopdogg1151d ago

This has bullshit all over it and i'm a huge star wars fan !!!!

Save all these tweets and Q n A sessions from devs and PR people because a six months to a year down the line from game release all the lies and bullshit excuses will surface and the DLC will churn out and utter bullshit excuses like "thank you to all the fans for sticking by us,here Star wars: BF space battles for $29.99" even though they had it planned from the word GO !!!

And TBH ,deep down i probably don't blame DICE one bit because having a bully big brother like EA ,need i say more ??????

kingeliran1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )


Ingame store:
1.99$ for different lightsaber color.
2.99$ for a new jedi skin.
5.99$ for battlepack unlocks weapons instant.

Or you can get it all for 29.99$ which make no sense but for over hyped star wars fans it does!

They gonna milk your arse fans you can be sure of that.

gbonez1151d ago

in this article it says: "that their approach is ultimately for the good of the game"

Is that true? or is DICE making the game good for their approach? this just seems lazy to me

leogets1147d ago

What they are trying to say is that they are keeping it tight to the starwars world Ill be like the closest thing n.e one has ever goten to battling it out in these scenarios