Avalanche Studios: "Once we reach 10k followers, we will reveal more"

Avalanche Studios for Just Cause 3:
"Once we reach 10k followers, we will reveal more!"


New goal is 1500 RTs and follows:

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greenmiker850d ago

LOL! What kind of announcement is that? 9865 followers in few moments we will have news.

creeping judas850d ago

9,952 and that is 16 minutes after Greenmiker's post.

Geobros850d ago

Thats mean 10 minutes or less? Lets see if it worth waiting.

F0XHOUND850d ago

Lol.... epic announcement!

Once I get 4 bubbles.... I shall reveal more!

Reveal what? you just wait and see!

Immorals850d ago

Does N4G count as public indecency? :p

DawginTow1849d ago

Nooooo, think of the children!

creeping judas850d ago

If you look, now you can see some gameplay behind the poster, so I am guessing the big reveal would be gameplay!

Palitera850d ago

Just lol

What next? Another .gif if preorders reach 1M?