What makes you nerd rage?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Man decides to executes his PC, takes it into alley, fires 8 shots, Police report filed, 'Man Kills PC'. True story.

What are the things that make you rage? Camping, trolls, parity?"

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Sillicur908d ago

DLC's are fine for me, I just rage when i see content pushed as a DLC that should have been in the game from the start.

plut0nash908d ago

Launch DLC for me. DLC is no problem when it adds later into a game.

HanCilliers908d ago

LMAO, the police file actually reads, Man shot PC." Kek funny.

I try not to rage, but when I do..

Sillicur908d ago

Hahaha yeh, its crazy. Emptied a whole clip into the PC's side. Those blue screens of death though :)

CongoKyle908d ago

Lag, Latency, Incompetent teammates, etc.

schmoe903d ago

On one day - EVERYTHING
on others - NOTHING

I HATE being bipolar it is FREEKEN AWESOME