That Awkward Moment When Hideo Kojima Doesn't Appear


Yesterday, the biggest game magazine in Japan, Weekly Famitsu, held an awards ceremony. In the past, Hideo Kojima has attended the Famitsu Awards. This year, he did not.

Many other famous creators were on hand to go on stage and receive their awards.

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pwnsause_returns1180d ago

There gonna get many more awards after mgsv releases.....and guess what, it's gonna make konami look really dumb in the long run.... If this is not kojima trolling us, then you know all this is happening and kojima is gonna get the last laugh when he leaves konami.

yuukiliu1180d ago

They had board meetings and everything about this. Japanese culture doesn't troll that high up the company ladder. They must have had a spat about more MGS games or something and words must have been said and actions taken.

bmf73641180d ago

You obviously have not seen Kojima's work with PR.

pivotplease1180d ago

It seems really immature and disrespectful on Konami's end. Don't they realize most MGS fans love Kojima and they're treating him like dirt right before making money off HIS game? I'm glad Kojimas getting out because imo MGS4 could have been the last one and I would have been happy. Ending the series on a prequel seems strange though. Konami will probably go on to ruin the franchise.

Godz Kastro1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I don't think Kojima would allow a troll to go this far. A day or two maybe but not to the extent of missing award shows.

If by some off chance it is a troll. I would consider it very distasteful.

mad-dog1180d ago


Surely with all the nonsense going on MGSV isn't in any danger, right? Cause that could be a serious GOTY contender.

Gatsu1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I don't think it is. Maybe Kojima was this time just really super busy working on TPP and finishing it.

But they could've at least sent someone else though.

chrissx1180d ago

Its a shame with all this mess going on at konami. Hideo Kojima deserves a gods farewell,not this

UKmilitia1180d ago

its a damn shame such a great talent and great series has been come to an abrupt nasty ending.
would love to know the full truth but i expect it to never come out.

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